Recommended update for aws-cli, python-boto3, python-botocore, python-s3transfer, python-aws-sam-translator, python-cfn-lint, python-nose2, python-parameterized

Announcement ID: SUSE-RU-2020:0498-1
Rating: moderate
Affected Products:
  • Basesystem Module 15-SP1
  • Public Cloud Module 15-SP1
  • Python 2 Module 15-SP1
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 15 SP1
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise High Performance Computing 15 SP1
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time 15 SP1
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP1
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP1 Business Critical Linux 15-SP1
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications 15 SP1
  • SUSE Manager Proxy 4.0
  • SUSE Manager Retail Branch Server 4.0
  • SUSE Manager Server 4.0
  • SUSE Package Hub 15 15-SP1

An update that contains one feature and has five fixes can now be installed.


This update for aws-cli, python-aws-sam-translator, python-cfn-lint, python-nose2, python-parameterized, python-boto3, python-botocore, python-s3transfer fixes the following issues:

python-aws-sam-translator was updated to 1.11.0 (bsc#1159018, jsc#PM-1507):

Upgrade to 1.11.0:

  • Add ReservedConcurrentExecutions to globals
  • Fix ElasticsearchHttpPostPolicy resource reference
  • Support using AWS::Region in Ref and Sub
  • Documentation and examples updates
  • Add VersionDescription property to Serverless::Function
  • Update ServerlessRepoReadWriteAccessPolicy
  • Add additional template validation

Upgrade to 1.10.0:

  • Add GSIs to DynamoDBReadPolicy and DynamoDBCrudPolicy
  • Add DynamoDBReconfigurePolicy
  • Add CostExplorerReadOnlyPolicy and OrganizationsListAccountsPolicy
  • Add EKSDescribePolicy
  • Add SESBulkTemplatedCrudPolicy
  • Add FilterLogEventsPolicy
  • Add SSMParameterReadPolicy
  • Add SESEmailTemplateCrudPolicy
  • Add s3:PutObjectAcl to S3CrudPolicy
  • Add allow_credentials CORS option
  • Add support for AccessLogSetting and CanarySetting Serverless::Api properties
  • Add support for X-Ray in Serverless::Api
  • Add support for MinimumCompressionSize in Serverless::Api
  • Add Auth to Serverless::Api globals
  • Remove trailing slashes from APIGW permissions
  • Add SNS FilterPolicy and an example application
  • Add Enabled property to Serverless::Function event sources
  • Add support for PermissionsBoundary in Serverless::Function
  • Fix boto3 client initialization
  • Add PublicAccessBlockConfiguration property to S3 bucket resource
  • Make PAY_PER_REQUEST default mode for Serverless::SimpleTable
  • Add limited support for resolving intrinsics in Serverless::LayerVersion
  • SAM now uses Flake8
  • Add example application for S3 Events written in Go
  • Updated several example applications

python-cfn-lint was added in version 0.21.4:

  • Add upstream patch to fix EOL dates for lambda runtimes
  • Add upstream patch to fix test_config_expand_paths test

  • Rename to python-cfn-lint. This package has a python API, which is required by python-moto.

Update to version 0.21.4:

  • Features
    • Include more resource types in W3037
  • CloudFormation Specifications
    • Add Resource Type AWS::CDK::Metadata
  • Fixes
    • Uncap requests dependency in
    • Check Join functions have lists in the correct sections
    • Pass a parameter value for AutoPublishAlias when doing a Transform
    • Show usage examples when displaying the help

Update to version 0.21.3

  • Fixes
    • Support dumping strings for datetime objects when doing a Transform

Update to version 0.21.2

  • CloudFormation Specifications
    • Update CloudFormation specs to 3.3.0
    • Update instance types from pricing API as of 2019.05.23

Update to version 0.21.1

  • Features
    • Add Info logging capability and set the default logging to NotSet
  • Fixes
    • Only do rule logging (start/stop/time) when the rule is going to be called
    • Update rule E1019 to allow Fn::Transform inside a Fn::Sub
    • Update rule W2001 to not break when Fn::Transform inside a Fn::Sub
    • Update rule E2503 to allow conditions to be used and to not default to network load balancer when an object is used for the Load Balancer type

Update to version 0.21.0

  • Features
    • New rule E3038 to check if a Serverless resource includes the appropriate Transform
    • New rule E2531 to validate a Lambda's runtime against the deprecated dates
    • New rule W2531 to validate a Lambda's runtime against the EOL dates
    • Update rule E2541 to include updates to Code Pipeline capabilities
    • Update rule E2503 to include checking of values for load balancer attributes
  • CloudFormation Specifications
    • Update CloudFormation specs to 3.2.0
    • Update instance types from pricing API as of 2019.05.20
  • Fixes
    • Include setuptools in requires

Update to version 0.20.3

  • CloudFormation Specifications
    • Update instance types from pricing API as of 2019.05.16
  • Fixes
    • Update E7001 to allow float/doubles for mapping values
    • Update W1020 to check pre-transformed Fn::Sub(s) to determine if a Sub is needed
    • Pin requests to be below or equal to 2.21.0 to prevent issues with botocore

Update to version 0.20.2

  • Features
    • Add support for List<String> Parameter types
  • CloudFormation Specifications
    • Add allowed values for AWS::EC2 EIP, FlowLog, CustomerGateway, DHCPOptions, EC2Fleet
    • Create new property type for Security Group IDs or Names
    • Add new Lambda runtime environment for NodeJs 10.x
    • Move AWS::ServiceDiscovery::Service Health checks from Only One to Exclusive
    • Update Glue Crawler Role to take an ARN or a name
    • Remove PrimitiveType from MaintenanceWindowTarget Targets
    • Add Min/Max values for Load Balancer Ports to be between 1-65535
  • Fixes
    • Include License file in the pypi package to help with downstream projects
    • Filter out dynamic references from rule E3031 and E3030
    • Convert Python linting and Code Coverage from Python 3.6 to 3.7

Update to version 0.20.1

  • Fixes
    • Update rule E8003 to support more functions inside a Fn::Equals

Update to version 0.20.0

  • Features
    • Allow a rule's exception to be defined in a resource's metadata
    • Add rule configuration capabilities
    • Update rule E3012 to allow for non strict property checking
    • Add rule E8003 to test Fn::Equals structure and syntax
    • Add rule E8004 to test Fn::And structure and syntax
    • Add rule E8005 to test Fn::Not structure and syntax
    • Add rule E8006 to test Fn::Or structure and syntax
    • Include Path to error in the JSON output
    • Update documentation to describe how to install cfn-lint from brew
  • CloudFormation Specifications
    • Update CloudFormation specs to version 3.0.0
    • Add new region ap-east-1
    • Add list min/max and string min/max for CloudWatch Alarm Actions
    • Add allowed values for EC2::LaunchTemplate
    • Add allowed values for EC2::Host
    • Update allowed values for Amazon MQ to include 5.15.9
    • Add AWS::Greengrass::ResourceDefinition to GreenGrass supported regions
    • Add AWS::EC2::VPCEndpointService to all regions
    • Update AWS::ECS::TaskDefinition ExecutionRoleArn to be a IAM Role ARN
    • Patch spec files for SSM MaintenanceWindow to look for Target and not Targets
    • Update ManagedPolicyArns list size to be 20 which is the hard limit. 10 is the soft limit.
  • Fixes
    • Fix rule E3033 to check the string size when the string is inside a list
    • Fix an issue in which AWS::NotificationARNs was not a list
    • Add AWS::EC2::Volume to rule W3010
    • Fix an issue with W2001 where SAM translate would remove the Ref to a parameter causing this error to falsely trigger
    • Fix rule W3010 to not error when the availability zone is 'all'

Update to version 0.19.1

  • Fixes
    • Fix core Condition processing to support direct Condition in another Condition
    • Fix the W2030 to check numbers against string allowed values

Update to version 0.19.0

  • Features
    • Add NS and PTR Route53 record checking to rule E3020
    • New rule E3050 to check if a Ref to IAM Role has a Role path of '/'
    • New rule E3037 to look for duplicates in a list that doesn't support duplicates
    • New rule I3037 to look for duplicates in a list when duplicates are allowed
  • CloudFormation Specifications
    • Add Min/Max values to AWS::ElasticLoadBalancingV2::TargetGroup HealthCheckTimeoutSeconds
    • Add Max JSON size to AWS::IAM::ManagedPolicy PolicyDocument
    • Add allowed values for AWS::EC2 SpotFleet, TransitGateway, NetworkAcl NetworkInterface, PlacementGroup, and Volume
    • Add Min/max values to AWS::Budgets::Budget.Notification Threshold
    • Update RDS Instance types by database engine and license definitions using the pricing API
    • Update AWS::CodeBuild::Project ServiceRole to support Role Name or ARN
    • Update AWS::ECS::Service Role to support Role Name or ARN
  • Fixes
    • Update E3025 to support the new structure of data in the RDS instance type json
    • Update E2540 to remove all nested conditions from the object
    • Update E3030 to not do strict type checking
    • Update E3020 to support conditions nested in the record sets
    • Update E3008 to better handle CloudFormation sub stacks with different GetAtt formats

Update to version 0.18.1

  • CloudFormation Specifications
    • Update CloudFormation Specs to 2.30.0
    • Fix IAM Regex Path to support more character types
    • Update AWS::Batch::ComputeEnvironment.ComputeResources InstanceRole to reference an InstanceProfile or GetAtt the InstanceProfile Arn
    • Allow VPC IDs to Ref a Parameter of type String
  • Fixes
    • Fix E3502 to check the size of the property instead of the parent object

Update to version 0.18.0

  • Features
    • New rule E3032 to check the size of lists
    • New rule E3502 to check JSON Object Size using definitions in the spec file
    • New rule E3033 to test the minimum and maximum length of a string
    • New rule E3034 to validate the min and max of a number
    • Remove Ebs Iops check from E2504 and use rule E3034 instead
    • Remove rule E2509 and use rule E3033 instead
    • Remove rule E2508 as it replaced by E3032 and E3502
    • Update rule E2503 to check that there are at least two 2 Subnets or SubnetMappings for ALBs
    • SAM requirement upped to minimal version of 1.10.0
  • CloudFormation Specifications
    • Extend specs to include: > ListMin and ListMax for the minimum and maximum size of a list > JsonMax to check the max size of a JSON Object > StringMin and StringMax to check the minimum and maximum length of a String > NumberMin and NumberMax to check the minimum and maximum value of a Number, Float, Long
    • Update State and ExecutionRoleArn to be required on AWS::DLM::LifecyclePolicy
    • Add AllowedValues for PerformanceInsightsRetentionPeriod for AWS::RDS::Instance
    • Add AllowedValues for the AWS::GuardDuty Resources
    • Add AllowedValues for AWS::EC2 VPC and VPN Resources
    • Switch IAM Instance Profiles for certain resources to the type that only takes the name
    • Add regex pattern for IAM Instance Profile when a name (not Arn) is used
    • Add regex pattern for IAM Paths
    • Add Regex pattern for IAM Role Arn
    • Update OnlyOne spec to require require at least one of Subnets or SubnetMappings with ELB v2
  • Fixes
    • Fix serverless transform to use DefinitionBody when Auth is in the API definition
    • Fix rule W2030 to not error when checking SSM or List Parameters

Update to version 0.17.1

  • Features
    • Update rule E2503 to make sure NLBs don't have a Security Group configured
  • CloudFormation Specifications
    • Add all the allowed values of the AWS::Glue Resources
    • Update OnlyOne check for AWS::CloudWatch::Alarm to only MetricName or Metrics
    • Update Exclusive check for AWS::CloudWatch::Alarm for properties mixed with Metrics and Statistic
    • Update CloudFormation specs to 2.29.0
    • Fix type with MariaDB in the AllowedValues
    • Update pricing information for data available on 2018.3.29
  • Fixes
    • Fix rule E1029 to not look for a sub is needed when looking for iot strings in policies
    • Fix rule E2541 to allow for ActionId Versions of length 1-9 and meets regex [0-9A-Za-z_-]+
    • Fix rule E2532 to allow for Parameters inside a Pass action
    • Fix an issue when getting the location of an error in which numbers are causing an attribute error

Update to version 0.17.0

  • Features
    • Add new rule E3026 to validate Redis cluster settings including AutomaticFailoverEnabled and NumCacheClusters. Status: Released
    • Add new rule W3037 to validate IAM resource policies. Status: Experimental
    • Add new parameter -e/--include-experimental to allow for new rules in that aren't ready to be fully released
  • CloudFormation Specifications
    • Update Spec files to 2.28.0
    • Add all the allowed values of the AWS::Redshift::* Resources
    • Add all the allowed values of the AWS::Neptune::* Resources
    • Patch spec to make AWS::CloudFront::Distribution.LambdaFunctionAssociation.LambdaFunctionARN required
    • Patch spec to make AWS::DynamoDB::Table AttributeDefinitions required
  • Fixes
    • Remove extra blank lines when there is no errors in the output
    • Add exception to rule E1029 to have exceptions for EMR CloudWatchAlarmDefinition
    • Update rule E1029 to allow for literals in a Sub
    • Remove sub checks from rule E3031 as it won't match in all cases of an allowed pattern regex check
    • Correct typos for errors in rule W1001
    • Switch from parsing a template as Yaml to Json when finding an escape character
    • Fix an issue with SAM related to transforming templates with Serverless Application and Lambda Layers
    • Fix an issue with rule E2541 when non strings were used for Stage Names

Update to version 0.16.0

  • Features
    • Add rule E3031 to look for regex patterns based on the patched spec file
    • Remove regex checks from rule E2509
    • Add parameter ignore-templates to allow the ignoring of templates when doing bulk linting
  • CloudFormation Specifications
    • Update Spec files to 2.26.0
    • Add all the allowed values of the AWS::DirectoryService::* Resources
    • Add all the allowed values of the AWS::DynamoDB::* Resources
    • Added AWS::Route53Resolver resources to the Spec Patches of ap-southeast-2
    • Patch the spec file with regex patterns
    • Add all the allowed values of the AWS::DocDb::* Resources
  • Fixes
    • Update rule E2504 to have '20000' as the max value
    • Update rule E1016 to not allow ImportValue inside of Conditions
    • Update rule E2508 to check conditions when providing limit checks on managed policies
    • Convert unicode to strings when in Py 3.4/3.5 and updating specs
    • Convert from awslabs to aws-cloudformation organization
    • Remove suppression of logging that was removed from samtranslator >1.7.0 and incompatibility with samtranslator 1.10.0

Update to version 0.15.0

  • Features
    • Add scaffolding for arbitrary Match attributes, adding attributes for Type checks
    • Add rule E3024 to validate that ProvisionedThroughput is not specified with BillingMode PAY_PER_REQUEST
  • CloudFormation Specifications
    • Update Spec files to 2.24.0
    • Update OnlyOne spec to have BlockDeviceMapping to include NoDevice with Ebs and VirtualName
    • Add all the allowed values of the AWS::CloudFront::* Resources
    • Add all the allowed values of the AWS::DAX::* Resources
  • Fixes
    • Update config parsing to use the builtin Yaml decoder
    • Add condition support for Inclusive E2521, Exclusive E2520, and AtLeastOne E2522 rules
    • Update rule E1029 to better check Resource strings inside IAM Policies
    • Improve the line/column information of a Match with array support

Update to version 0.14.1

  • CloudFormation Specifications
    • Update CloudFormation Specs to version 2.23.0
    • Add allowed values for AWS::Config::* resources
    • Add allowed values for AWS::ServiceDiscovery::* resources
    • Fix allowed values for Apache MQ
  • Fixes
    • Update rule E3008 to not error when using a list from a custom resource
    • Support simple types in the CloudFormation spec
    • Add tests for the formatters

Update to version 0.14.0

  • Features
    • Add rule E3035 to check the values of DeletionPolicy
    • Add rule E3036 to check the values of UpdateReplacePolicy
    • Add rule E2014 to check that there are no REFs in the Parameter section
    • Update rule E2503 to support TLS on NLBs
  • CloudFormation Specifications
    • Update CloudFormation spec to version 2.22.0
    • Add allowed values for AWS::Cognito::* resources
  • Fixes
    • Update rule E3002 to allow GetAtts to Custom Resources under a Condition

Update to version 0.13.2

  • Features
    • Introducing the cfn-lint logo!
    • Update SAM dependency version
  • Fixes
    • Fix CloudWatchAlarmComparisonOperator allowed values.
    • Fix typo resoruce_type_spec in several files
    • Better support for nested And, Or, and Not when processing Conditions

Update to version 0.13.1

  • CloudFormation Specifications
    • Add allowed values for AWS::CloudTrail::Trail resources
    • Patch spec to have AWS::CodePipeline::CustomActionType Version included
  • Fixes
    • Fix conditions logic to use AllowedValues when REFing a Parameter that has AllowedValues specified

Update to version 0.13.0

  • Features
    • New rule W1011 to check if a FindInMap is using the correct map name and keys
    • New rule W1001 to check if a Ref/GetAtt to a resource that exists when Conditions are used
    • Removed logic in E1011 and moved it to W1011 for validating keys
    • Add property relationships for AWS::ApplicationAutoScaling::ScalingPolicy into Inclusive, Exclusive, and AtLeastOne
    • Update rule E2505 to check the netmask bit
    • Include the ability to update the CloudFormation Specs using the Pricing API
  • CloudFormation Specifications
    • Update to version 2.21.0
    • Add allowed values for AWS::Budgets::Budget
    • Add allowed values for AWS::CertificateManager resources
    • Add allowed values for AWS::CodePipeline resources
    • Add allowed values for AWS::CodeCommit resources
    • Add allowed values for EC2 InstanceTypes from pricing API
    • Add allowed values for RedShift InstanceTypes from pricing API
    • Add allowed values for MQ InstanceTypes from pricing API
    • Add allowed values for RDS InstanceTypes from pricing API
  • Fixes

    • Fixed README indentation issue with .pre-commit-config.yaml
    • Fixed rule E2541 to allow for multiple inputs/outputs in a CodeBuild task
    • Fixed rule E3020 to allow for a period or no period at the end of a ACM registration record
    • Update rule E3001 to support UpdateReplacePolicy
    • Fix a cli issue where --template wouldn't be used when a .cfnlintrc was in the same folder
    • Update rule E3002 and E1024 to support packaging of AWS::Lambda::LayerVersion content
  • Initial build

  • Version 0.12.1

Update to 0.9.1

  • the prof plugin now uses cProfile instead of hotshot for profiling
  • skipped tests now include the user's reason in junit XML's message field
  • the prettyassert plugin mishandled multi-line function definitions
  • Using a plugin's CLI flag when the plugin is already enabled via config no longer errors
  • nose2.plugins.prettyassert, enabled with --pretty-assert
  • Cleanup code for EOLed python versions
  • Dropped support for distutils.
  • Result reporter respects failure status set by other plugins
  • JUnit XML plugin now includes the skip reason in its output

Upgrade to 0.8.0:

  • List of changes is too long to show here, see changes between 0.6.5 and 0.8.0

Update to 0.7.0:

  • Added parameterized_class feature, for parameterizing entire test classes (many thanks to @TobyLL for their suggestions and help testing!)
  • Fix DeprecationWarning on inspect.getargs (thanks @brettdh;
  • Make sure that setUp and tearDown methods work correctly (#40)
  • Raise a ValueError when input is empty (thanks @danielbradburn;
  • Fix the order when number of cases exceeds 10 (thanks @ntflc;

aws-cli was updated to version 1.16.223:

For detailed changes see the changes entries:

python-boto3 was updated to 1.9.213, python-botocore was updated to 1.9.188, and python-s3transfer was updated to 1.12.74, fixing lots of bugs and adding features (bsc#1146853, bsc#1146854)

Patch Instructions:

To install this SUSE update use the SUSE recommended installation methods like YaST online_update or "zypper patch".
Alternatively you can run the command listed for your product:

  • Basesystem Module 15-SP1
    zypper in -t patch SUSE-SLE-Module-Basesystem-15-SP1-2020-498=1
  • SUSE Package Hub 15 15-SP1
    zypper in -t patch SUSE-SLE-Module-Packagehub-Subpackages-15-SP1-2020-498=1
  • Public Cloud Module 15-SP1
    zypper in -t patch SUSE-SLE-Module-Public-Cloud-15-SP1-2020-498=1
  • Python 2 Module 15-SP1
    zypper in -t patch SUSE-SLE-Module-Python2-15-SP1-2020-498=1

Package List:

  • Basesystem Module 15-SP1 (aarch64 ppc64le s390x x86_64)
    • python-PyYAML-debugsource-5.1.2-6.3.7
    • python3-PyYAML-debuginfo-5.1.2-6.3.7
    • python3-PyYAML-5.1.2-6.3.7
    • python-PyYAML-debuginfo-5.1.2-6.3.7
  • Basesystem Module 15-SP1 (noarch)
    • python3-botocore-1.12.213-7.3.4
    • python3-s3transfer-0.2.1-6.3.5
    • python3-boto3-1.9.213-7.3.4
  • SUSE Package Hub 15 15-SP1 (noarch)
    • python2-boto3-1.9.213-7.3.4
    • python2-botocore-1.12.213-7.3.4
    • python2-s3transfer-0.2.1-6.3.5
  • Public Cloud Module 15-SP1 (noarch)
    • aws-cli-1.16.223-8.3.3
    • python3-aws-sam-translator-1.11.0-4.3.8
    • python3-cfn-lint-0.21.4-3.3.9
    • azure-cli-core-2.0.45-6.3.3
    • azure-cli-interactive-0.3.28-6.3.3
    • cfn-lint-0.21.4-3.3.9
  • Python 2 Module 15-SP1 (aarch64 ppc64le s390x x86_64)
    • python2-PyYAML-5.1.2-6.3.7
    • python-PyYAML-debugsource-5.1.2-6.3.7
    • python2-PyYAML-debuginfo-5.1.2-6.3.7
    • python-PyYAML-debuginfo-5.1.2-6.3.7