Build your integrated systems with greater flexibility and rapid deployment.

Success for today's original equipment manufacturers or ISVs depends on the ability to respond quickly to constantly changing customer demands—while keeping costs low and efficiency high.

SUSE provides a simpler, easier-to-consume model to create integrated systems. Pre-configured, ready-to-run images that can be customized with just some mouse-clicks greatly reduce the complexity of installing enterprise software. They can be deployed directly onto a server or packaged as a "virtual machine" for a hypervisor or a "cloud application" for cloud deployments, which saves you and your customers both time and money. As a result, you gain a greater flexibility due to more deployment options and more opportunities to respond to changing market demands.

Go virtual

When you provide a virtual application image or appliance to your customer, you are providing a complete, fully integrated solution that can be deployed in minutes. Virtual appliances are pre-built software, comprised of Just Enough Operating System (JeOS) and applications in a pre-configured package, designed to run in a virtual machine. They are updated, maintained and managed as a unit. Customers can easily install and deploy these pre-integrated solution stacks.

This not only saves time and expense in your application deployments, but also provides management and utilization efficiency. Deployment of virtual applications for various virtual environments becomes easier, because you are not required to develop for multiple operating systems, and physical packaging or shipping is not required.

SUSE Studio allows you to build one application template and deploy it to various virtualization environments (VMware, Xen, KVM) just by changing the target virtualization platform. And it just takes a couple of clicks. This not only gives you the flexibility to provide your application solution for different virtualization environments. It also decreases time to market and reduces costs. Software deployment has never been simpler.

On-ramp to the cloud

Our products and tools offers the fastest and easiest way for ISVs to build and deploy new cloud-based solutions. Rather than re-engineering a multi-tenant, single instance application, you can use SUSE Studio and SUSE Linux Enterprise to create virtual or cloud applications within a couple of minutes. The SUSE Studio update and configuration mechanisms are cloud enabled, and the same enterprise-level SUSE Linux Enterprise is available in the cloud. It gives you an on-ramp to the cloud, with little or no added investment required.

And what happens when you pair the award-winning image-and appliance-building tool SUSE Studio with the market leader in cloud computing, Amazon Web Services? An ISV or developer's dream come true! Deploy your applications with one-click deployment to Amazon EC2 directly from SUSE Studio.

It used to take development/operations several weeks to build, test, and debug an image for EC2. This laborious process would eat up precious human and capital resources, and reduce the company's ability to respond to opportunities. SUSE has made it simple to create, test, and deploy your application image or appliance to EC2, providing a complete end-to-end solution for building and deploying cloud images.

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