Why SUSE Consulting

SUSE Consulting offers a full range of technical and business services to achieve the outcomes your business needs.

  • Discover open source solutions that help align business and IT
  • Design solutions to speed deployment and guarantee success.
  • Deploy solutions with product and technical experts
  • Optimize your solutions to deliver rapid ROI and nonstop IT

Our consultants will not just share best practices and provide technical expertise, but they will also offer insight into emerging trends and technologies. SUSE Consulting has offerings that are flexible and adaptable to every stage of your transformation projects.

In the past, if we wanted to expand our storage capacity, we had to invest significant funds in purchasing additional appliances, a solution that did not scale cost-efficiently with our business growth. Building on our close collaboration with SUSE, we selected SUSE Enterprise Storage. The setup was easy: highly competent specialists from SUSE Consulting helped us to deploy a reliable and fast storage environment in which the performance is fine-tuned to meet our specific needs.

Consulting Packages for Every Phase of the Project Journey

Get on the fast path to IT Transformation at a fixed cost. Designed to map to your transformation journey, our consulting options will ease the bumps of implementation while easily staying within your budget. SUSE Consulting will meet you where you are in your journey so you can get where you need to go.

Global Services

SUSE Discovery Services

Align business and IT leadership. Identify critical IT challenges and the open source solutions to meet your business strategy and objectives. Discovery Services help you to:

  • Identify critical IT challenges
  • Align technical and business leadership
  • Discovery services align technical and business leaders on business outcomes before the project starts

SUSE Start

SUSE Start is ideal for a small, self-contained transformation or pilot project. A short-term, fixed-price offering, Start provides project management and technical experts that work with your team to jumpstart implementation and share best practices. Ensure rapid, stress-free, and successful implementation with minimal business disruption and maximum business value.

SUSE Assist

SUSE Assist is an adaptable fixed-cost packaged offering. SUSE Assist offerings are available for the design, deploy and optimize phase of the SUSE Global Services Customer Journey. View the SUSE Assist Data Sheet.

Each SUSE Assist engagement includes:

  • A specialized technical consultant
  • Travel and expenses for onsite visits
  • 40 hours of consulting or knowledge transfer
SUSE Assist: Design Services

Ensure implementation success and gain insight into how to deploy solutions:

  • Perform a technical deep dive of your application requirements and current resources
  • Develop of a high-level design document including specific use case architectural overview
  • Develop detailed input into the implementation plan for the deployment phase
SUSE Assist: Deployment Services

Deploy your SUSE solutions with confidence to meet business objectives and realize rapid ROI:

  • Start a pilot, implement a solution, or integrate a new solution with your existing infrastructure
  • Upgrade or expand your SUSE solution to meet new or changing business demands
  • Migrate to SUSE solutions to improve performance or meet compliance issues
SUSE Assist: Optimization Services

Optimize your IT infrastructure so that it continues to meet business needs delivering high quality IT services:

  • Get an in-depth technical health check with suggested next steps
  • Fine-tune solutions to meet new or greater business demands
  • Integrate new solutions or expand existing systems to keep the pace with your growing business

The selected vendor should act as a partner sharing best practices, offering insight into emerging trends and technologies, as well as providing technical expertise.

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