SUSE Consulting Services

The consulting team is made up of architects, designers, consultants and engineers—all with one common goal. We are here to help simplify your business modernization journey. Our flexible offerings will meet you where you are and get you where you need to go to stay ahead of your competition.

We offer a full range of technical and business services to achieve the outcomes your business needs. Our consultants will share best practices and provide technical expertise and offer insight into technology trends for quick value realization and future direction.

Take the Fast Path to IT Modernization

Designed to map to your transformation journey, the offerings within the SUSE Customer Journey accelerate your success. From discovery through optimization, these flexible, fixed-cost offerings provide the right roadmap and resources for IT solutions that meet business objectives—all while maintaining security and minimizing downtime.

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  • Discover open source solutions that help align business and IT
  • Design solutions to speed deployment and guarantee success.
  • Deploy solutions with product and technical experts
  • Optimize your solutions to deliver rapid ROI and nonstop IT

In the past, if we wanted to expand our storage capacity, we had to invest significant funds in purchasing additional appliances, a solution that did not scale cost-efficiently with our business growth. Building on our close collaboration with SUSE, we selected SUSE Enterprise Storage. The setup was easy: highly competent specialists from SUSE Consulting helped us to deploy a reliable and fast storage environment in which the performance is fine-tuned to meet our specific needs.

Matthias Braun, FIS-ASP

Consulting Packages for Every Phase of the Project Journey

Get on the fast path to IT Transformation at a fixed cost. Designed to map to your transformation journey, our consulting options will ease the bumps of implementation while easily staying within your budget. SUSE Consulting will meet you where you are in your journey so you can get where you need to go.

Discovery Services

During this phase, our technical and business professionals listen to your goals and share the best open source solution and service options to help you achieve those goals. Through white-boarding and architectural discussions, we will cover topics such as:

  • The current state of your business and your desired outcomes and IT vision
  • How best to align your business goals with IT objectives leveraging open source solutions
  • Suggested open source solutions and integration options
  • Review of existing resources and gap analysis

Design Services

This offering is meant to simplify and accelerate the implementation of your chosen solution. This working session is part of the SUSE Assist family of offerings and provides you with the opportunity to engage with SUSE technical and business professionals who can help design a solution that will meet your business and IT goals.

  • Access to the solution roadmaps to avoid unnecessary pitfalls during deployment
  • Validation that the chosen solutions will meet the desired business outcomes
  • Analysis of design choices and best-practice recommendations
  • Development of a high-level design document that includes your specific use case architectural requirements

Deployment Services

As part of the SUSE Assist family of offerings, this is when you work with our technical professionals to implement the detailed design of your solution and integrate it with your ecosystem. Together with your team, we will:

  • Perform discovery and take inventory of targeted systems
  • Deploy the operative solution and the set of components identified during the Design phase
  • Test the deployed solution and provide a set of test use cases
  • Integrate solution lifecycle management and the designed monitoring, log management, and disaster recovery components
  • Deliver knowledge transfer and document final solution

Optimization Services

Because business needs continue to evolve, SUSE offers Optimization Services as part of the SUSE Assist family of consulting offerings. These proactive services ensure that you continue to have a supported, stable, and performant production environment. During this health check, our team will work with your team to:

  • Use tools to ensure systems continue to perform as design
  • Review implementation and map performance against real world experiences and best practices
  • Review system maintenance, patching, and life cycle management
  • Find and fix smaller, often overlooked misconfigurations that could later become significant problems
  • Share little known tips that will reduce production environment downtime and security vulnerabilities

The selected vendor should act as a partner sharing best practices, offering insight into emerging trends and technologies, as well as providing technical expertise.

451 Group, 2018