Consulting Solutions that Transform

Designed to simplify modernization, the SUSE Customer Journey provides an integrated roadmap for you to leapfrog your competition. Whether you are choosing true open source solutions that prevent vendor lock-in, want to say goodbye to downtime or simplify your IT management, partnering with SUSE Consulting accelerates your journey with flexible, fixed cost offerings.

Simplify Infrastructure Management

IT management is complex and retaining visibility across your entire landscape—including disparate Linux distributions, IoT devices, or containers, whether in the cloud, on premises or on the edge—is challenging.

The purpose-built customer journey offerings that simplify management (including workload orchestration and patch management) of your entire diverse infrastructure include:

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Migrate to SUSE Solutions

Migration to SUSE solutions brings all your systems into a structured lifecycle that is centrally orchestrated and managed.

The purpose-built customer journey offerings that provide a safe migration path away from costly, proprietary solutions that lead to vendor lock-in include:

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Cloud Connect

SUSE's Cloud access Connect programme enables you to operate your subscribed SUSE product subscriptions, on certified public cloud providers with our world-class support.

  • Our SUSE products can be used on any IT architecture, running both on-premises and in the cloud.
  • Our SUSE Cloud Connect programme enables you to take your SUSE product subscriptions from your on-premises environment to a certified public cloud provider with ease.
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Choose service credits for the ultimate flexibility

SUSE Service Credits are prepaid credits that can be redeemed for your choice of consulting services, training services and selected premium support services. Buying Service Credits provides you with the ultimate flexibility—letting you tap into additional resources when and how you need them.

SUSE Service Credits are not only convenient, but they also let you:

  • Leverage budget cycles and streamline buying process
  • Defer services and training decisions
  • Choose the services offering that you need at the time you need it
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Deploy and manage your cloud and container environments

Get access to seasoned professionals who can provide a level of support and knowledge that gives you greater efficiency, confidence, and peace of mind along your Rancher and Kubernetes journey.

Offerings include:

  • Go-Live Services for Rancher and NeuVector
  • Health Check for Rancher & Kubernetes
  • Security Benchmark for Rancher
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IT Transformation is Hard—We Can Help

Partner with SUSE experts to accelerate business modernization. Address skills gaps with flexible training. Enjoy white glove technical support services directly from a named professional. Experience dedication, responsiveness and choice. Experience SUSE Global Services.

SUSE Consulting

Your modernization journey is as unique as your business. We work with you and your team to identify starting points, design solutions, implement best practices, and optimize for continual success.

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Training Services

If skills are inhibiting your transformation, SUSE Training is your answer. Our comprehensive portfolio of courses and certification paths provide the training that fits your needs, your schedule, and your business.

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Premium Support Services

Extend your SUSE support with direct, named access to a resource who know you, your team and your infrastructure. Keep up with the pace of change and customer expectations, while still taking care of every day business.

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