SUSE One Partner Program

The Power of Many. Together as One.

The Time is Now

The landscape of technology partnerships is evolving. Organizations are looking to deliver and consume solutions and services that support digital transformation, hybrid & cloud native environments, and the rapid adoption of containerization strategies leveraging Kubernetes.

The SUSE One Partner Program has also evolved, providing a flexible and modern structure built around targeted Specializations that allow you to focus your efforts on areas of the program that align to your business objectives.

A Program Built for Partner Success

Imagine the possibilities. The combined force of SUSE and Rancher provides our partners with access to a trusted, reliable, and agnostic open source foundation + a best-in-class Kubernetes platform that vastly simplifies the management of containerized workloads.

SUSE One creates paths for organizations to come together in different ways to accelerate business opportunity. With an objective of fostering collaborative success, SUSE One is modernizing how our partners build, sell, distribute, and provide services to their customers and end-users.

Benefits of SUSE One

The technology challenges of tomorrow and beyond cannot be solved by a single vendor alone. Immerse your business in a partner-first program, ready to meet you where you need it most.

Partner Program Values
More Engagement, More Rewards

Your investment in a strong partnership deserves recognition. Expand your business practice with SUSE, advance in the Specializations, and unlock additive benefits to help expand your growth.

Expanded Open Source Knowledge

Solidify your position as a trusted open source vendor, advisor, and provider of services by leveraging free partner sales & technical training paths to sharpen your understanding of SUSE products and joint offerings.

Capture New Business Opportunity

Leverage the products, solutions, heritage, and market position of SUSE and its ecosystem. Then help your customers simplify digital transformation, ease management of Kubernetes, or accelerate their position at the Edge.

Nicolas Christener, Chief Executive Officer, Adfinis AG
"We are confident because SUSE has a long history in delivering enterprise-ready open source solutions. As a partner, we get value from building and delivering services around these solutions."

Find program alignment & maximize your efforts with SUSE One Specializations

The pillars of SUSE One consist of six areas of Specialization, each with unique designations, benefits, and areas of focus to support the needs of all our partners. Explore them all to help identify your place, and ensure your success, in the program.

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Success Stories


Carhartt embarked on a digital transformation journey to replace legacy hardware with a cloud-first strategy.

JK Tyre

JK Tyre modernized its IT infrastructure, achieved 100 percent system availability, and is looking to expand with SAP.