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In pharma, it took a pandemic to accelerate transformation

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the pharmaceutical industry has shifted from ‘doing digital’ toward ‘being digital’. But sustaining this new level of innovation and collaboration will require the industry to bake-in even further digitization, automation, and integration of quality controls across value chains. This includes accelerated health authority oversight, the remote patient monitoring of at-home clinical trials, and the streamlining of drug development and review processes.

Pharma’s five-year challenges

  • Strengthening R&D - efficiency can be gained with greater process insight, while artificial intelligence (AI) can be a game-changing addition to therapy development.
  • Customized treatments – devices and apps can help people to take ownership of their care and care plan development.
  • Data democratization - harnessing the power of data means removing silos, enabling wider access, and solutions that cut across supply chains for each stage of drug creation.
  • Reputation and sustainability – tech can enable a step away from a ‘profiteering’ image and help make carbon neutrality a strategic aim.
  • Vaccine development – ensuring the pandemic is tackled effectively means deeper collaboration for accelerated development.
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Hybrid Cloud IT

Die Hybrid-Cloud-Lösungen von SUSE beschleunigen Innovationen und ermöglichen es unseren Kunden, schneller auf Marktanforderungen zu reagieren. Wir unterstützen eine Vielzahl von Optionen in den Bereichen Architektur, Virtualisierung, Containerlaufzeit, Speicher und Netzwerk.

Cloud-native Transformation

Kubernetes sorgt für maximale Entwicklungsflexibilität und beschleunigt zudem die digitale Transformation. Rancher vereinheitlicht alle Ihre Cluster, um konsistente Abläufe, ein zuverlässiges Workload-Management und unternehmensgerechte Sicherheit zu gewährleisten – vom Core über die Cloud bis hin zur Edge.

Nutzen Sie SAP

SUSE Linux Enterprise for SAP Applications ist die führende Linux-Plattform für SAP HANA-, SAP NetWeaver- und SAP S/4HANA-Lösungen im Fertigungsbereich. Wir reduzieren das Risiko von Serviceausfällen und ermöglichen Ihnen eine schnellere Bereitstellung von SAP-Services vor Ort und in der Cloud.

IT Operations an der Edge

SUSE ist der führende Anbieter von intelligenten Edge-Computing-Lösungen auf Basis von kompakten Linux-, Kubernetes- und Storage-Produkten für x86- oder ARM-Hardware. Unser Fokus liegt stets auf Konsistenz, Leistung, Zuverlässigkeit und Sicherheit – allesamt entscheidende Faktoren für Edge-Anwendungsfälle in der Fertigung.

  • Use AI and data science to speed up treatment innovation
  • Apply data analysis and new go-to-market models to make treatments more sustainable
  • Become a therapy leader with innovative, new treatments
  • Manage costs most effectively to support the growth of profit
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SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

The industry’s most secure, modular Linux operating system that paves the way for IT transformation in the software-defined era.

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Addresses the needs of DevOps teams deploying applications with Kubernetes and IT staffs delivering enterprise-critical services.

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SUSE Linux Enterprise Micro

Leverages the enterprise-hardened technology components of SUSE Linux Enterprise and merges that with what developers want from a modern, immutable OS platform.

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SUSE Manager

A best-in-class open source infrastructure management solution for heterogeneous Linux environments.

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SUSE Linux Enterprise Server or SAP Applications

The leading Linux platform for SAP HANA, SAP NetWeaver and SAP S/4HANA solutions and is endorsed by SAP.

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SUSE NeuVector

The industry’s only 100% open source, Zero-Trust container security platform.

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