The Dell SUSE OpenStack Cloud Solution, Powered by OpenStack, helps organizations rapidly deploy and easily manage open source private clouds. Built using SUSE OpenStack Cloud, the first enterprise ready, OpenStack–based private cloud offering, this solution is a certified, jointly deployed and jointly supported private cloud solution for today's enterprise.

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The joint solution uses SUSE OpenStack Cloud as its cloud management reference platform, which is packaged for enterprise environments and integrated with SUSE maintenance and lifecycle management processes. Tight integration between OpenStack and Crowbar, an open&source project initiated by Dell, simplifies deployment, management and administration of physical cloud infrastructure. With the Dell SUSE OpenStack Cloud Solution, Powered by OpenStack, customers can more easily build a highly scalable cloud foundation designed to handle massive compute loads while maintaining the ability to customize their cloud environment.

SUSE OpenStack Cloud: Improve the speed and accuracy of service
SUSE OpenStack Cloud, running on Dell PowerEdge servers, delivers a dynamic and flexible private cloud infrastructure. Enterprises using SUSE OpenStack Cloud benefit from the largest portfolio of certified third–party applications running on Linux as well as certifications on all Dell hardware. As a result, SUSE and Dell customers can be assured that the software and infrastructure solutions they use today will move to the cloud with them.

Easily build and manage cloud applications
SUSE OpenStack Cloud is integrated with the SUSE portfolio to help you adapt, deploy, and manage cloud applications for your private cloud, public cloud, or hybrid cloud installation.

  • The integration between SUSE Studio and SUSE OpenStack Cloud helps you rapidly deploy and adapt applications for use within your private cloud, or in the public cloud of your choosing as part of a hybrid cloud installation. SUSE Studio™ helps you assemble, build, and deploy portable application stacks into the SUSE OpenStack Cloud image repository.
  • SUSE Manager delivers comprehensive management of guest Linux workloads running in both public and private clouds. SUSE Manager can easily track and maintain thousands of images across cloud boundaries—both private and public.

Performance for the Most Demanding Workloads
The Dell SUSE OpenStack Cloud Solution, Powered by OpenStack, is delivered on the Dell PowerEdge line of servers. Dell PowerEdge helps deliver the right performance and fit for your hyperscale environments with an excellent combination of compute, memory and I/O (input/output) performance. Build your clouds harnessing the capabilities of Intel Xeon processing performance inside Dell's established shared infrastructure servers.