SUSE Global Services

Providing flexible consulting delivery solutions and premium support services options to maximize value from open source solution investments.

While you are under pressure to speed software development, deployment and delivery, to meet the needs of the digital economy, you also need to maintain uptime, quality and security of your existing infrastructure. Why go it alone? Global Services has technical and product experts available to help you. We are your partner focused on building long and trusted relationships with your success and business outcomes as the priority.

SUSE Global Services: Getting You Where You Need to Go

SUSE Consulting Services

Start your IT transformation with Consulting Services. Our flexible offerings will get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Our technical and product experts help you design, architect, and implement your open source solutions quickly and efficiently. We have the experience and best practices required to solve complex challenges, while maintaining security and minimizing downtime. We offer multiple consultation options to help you meet the changing needs of your business.

here Design, architect, and implement solutions to achieve desired business outcomes.
here Upgrade current solutions to the latest versions.
here Supplement your team with product experts to meet deadline.
here Optimize your solutions to deliver rapid ROI and nonstop IT.

SUSE Premium Support Services

Premium Support Services is a fixed cost, 12-month support service offering. It is ideal for enterprises that want a dedicated relationship with technical professionals. Your premium support team will have an intimate knowledge of your infrastructure and a professional relationship with key members of your IT team. Having direct access to your premium support team will give you unparalleled confidence in your software-defined infrastructure.

here Deliver faster time-to-value with access to technical and product experts.
here Ensure business continuity with access to trusted experts.
here Meet changing business demands with flexible, affordable support services.
SAM the IT Admin Learns the Magic of SUSE Premium Support Services

What could genies and lava lamps possibly have to do with digital transformation and SUSE Global Services? Find out in this next episode of SAM the IT Admin!

SUSE Select Services

Select Services is a blended, fixed-cost, 12-month, tailored services offering. It provides you with cost-effective and flexible implementation, consulting, and premium support services as well as knowledge transfer. Designed to jumpstart and ease implementation of key open source components of your software-defined infrastructure, Select Services are available in three tiers. You choose the tier that gives you the level of service that best meets your business needs.

here Jumpstart implementations with specialized IT Consultants.
here Keep systems and solutions running smoothly with Premium Support Engineers.
here Meet changing business demands with Customer Success Managers.