Edge Computing Solutions

Building the next generation of intelligent edge products

SUSE edge solutions deliver consistency, performance, reliability, security and the highest standards of support – all of which are vitally important elements in edge computing environments.

What is Edge Computing?

Edge computing enables telcos and enterprises to locate infrastructure services like compute, storage, and networking as close as possible to their customers' most remote and resource-constrained deployments. Linux and Kubernetes allow organizations to build a common compute platform from core to cloud to edge that maximizes consistency and security, makes testing more straightforward, and lets developers to move faster and more effectively.

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Why SUSE for Edge?

Top Features of Edge Computing Solutions

We are the premier provider of open source solutions for edge computing Linux systems ideally suited for embedded devices and the operation of lightweight Kubernetes clusters at ‘edge-scale’.


Ultra-low Latency

By bringing advanced workloads as close as possible to where they're delivering value, edge deployments from SUSE eliminate network latency and provide customers with instantaneous compute, storage, and container services.


Reduce Bandwidth

SUSE works with some of the world’s largest enterprises to deliver on the promise of 5G. Our solutions enable them to process data faster than ever before, ideal for connected vehicles, robotics, VNF/CNF (Virtual Network Function/Cloud native Network Function) workloads, and other business-critical scenarios.


Enhance Security & Privacy

By reducing the amount of data that has to travel over a network, SUSE Edge Solutions mitigate the risk of being intercepted by nefarious actors. Similarly, as data collection is distributed across multiple devices rather than stored in one place, our customers benefit from a robust security and privacy posture.


Cloud-native Edge

We combine our edge-optimized Linux and Kubernetes technologies with world-class support and consulting services to simplify the deployment of edge infrastructures and accelerate your digital transformation while minimizing risk. Learn More about Hybrid Cloud IT


Embedded Edge

We provide organizations with a trusted and secure suite of open source products optimized for building small-footprint devices. SUSE Embedded Systems deliver scalability, flexibility, and enterprise-grade support for manufacturers of intelligent embedded devices and IoT.

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  • 75 percent reduction in overhead costs with SUSE Rancher compared to other vendors
  • Management time reduced by 80 percent
  • Outages reduced by 80 percent
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See the difference with SUSE products & solutions

SUSE Rancher

Addresses the needs of DevOps teams deploying applications with Kubernetes and IT staffs delivering cloud-native services at the edge.


SUSE’s next generation of open-source hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solution designed for modern cloud-native environments at the edge.


The only 100% open source, Zero Trust container security platform – perfect for secure cloud-native deployments at the edge.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Micro

A lightweight, immutable OS platform ideal for resource constrained environments at the edge.