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When running "du" command on a cephfs mount, ceph -s reports 1 MDSs report oversized cache.

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SUSE Enterprise Storage 6


Customer is reporting "MDSs report oversized cache/clients failing to respond to cache pressure", when executing the du command on a 1.8Tb directory. The du command takes approximately 10 minutes to execute and the alarm remains active for 75 minutes.
#==[ Command ]======================================#
# /usr/bin/ceph --connect-timeout=5 -s
    id:     30eacb3f-6207-4c08-bd83-7d3f0e5bb97e
    health: HEALTH_WARN
            1 MDSs report oversized cache
            1 clients failing to respond to cache pressure
    mon: 3 daemons, quorum mon01,mon02,mon03 (age 3h)
    mgr: mon03(active, since 4d)
    mds: cephfs:1 {0=mds=up:active} 1 up:standby
    osd: 48 osds: 48 up (since 5h), 48 in (since 9w)
    rgw: 2 daemons active (rgw01, rgw02)
    pools:   10 pools, 2544 pgs
    objects: 37.21M objects, 55 TiB
    usage:   112 TiB used, 150 TiB / 262 TiB avail
    pgs:     2541 active+clean
             3    active+clean+scrubbing+deep


Option A:
Increase "mds_cache_memory_limit = 8589934592" . 
8GB is a good base line assuming the MDS node has sufficient RAM.  Can also be increased above 8GB if needed.

See Adjusting ceph.conf with Custom Settings:

Option B:
Allow "getfattr" to get the information without the overhead that is required by "du".
# getfattr -d -m ceph.dir.* /mnt/cephfs
getfattr: Removing leading '/' from absolute path names
# file: mnt/cephfs


Depending on the number of files and directories that are du'ed, the client process needs to acquire capabilities for a lot of inodes (4732300 in this case). When this makes the cache grow beyond its target, the MDS will try to recall caps. However the client can't give those up until du finishes (for consistent results).

ls -R will likely show similar behavior.


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  • Creation Date: 16-Mar-2020
  • Modified Date:08-Jun-2022
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