• Catalog listing
    Partners who achieve SUSE Ready certification status can have their solution listed in the SUSE Partner Software Catalog.

  • Joint collateral
    Educate customers on how your solution works with SUSE technology. SUSE will work with selected partners to develop joint solution flyers, white papers, reference architectures.

  • Social media
    Take advantage of SUSE’s extensive social media network to spread the good news about your solution working with SUSE technology through blogs, tweets, and PR.

  • Customer presentations
    Present your solution with SUSE in a joint webinar or workshop, or join us at various conferences around the globe to showcase your solution to customers.

  • Success stories
    Select customer success stories highlighting partner solutions working in a SUSE environment will be promoted by SUSE.

  • SUSE brand and program logos
    Access to the SUSE and SUSE Ready logos for your use in promoting your solution.

    SUSECON is the premier global open source conference for SUSE customers, partners and community enthusiasts to come together to learn, to network and to meet SUSE engineers, product managers and executives. Become a SUSECON sponsor and participate in breakout sessions, keynotes, training and all aspects of the conference to increase interaction with attendees.

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