Longhorn Cloud-native Storage for Kubernetes

Longhorn is an official CNCF project that delivers a powerful cloud-native distributed storage platform for Kubernetes that can run anywhere. When combined with Rancher, Longhorn makes the deployment of highly available persistent block storage in your Kubernetes environment easy, fast and reliable.


Simplify Your Kubernetes Storage

Storage shouldn’t be complicated, and with Longhorn it’s not. Longhorn gives your teams a reliable, simple and easy-to-operate storage solution. Deployed with a single click from the Rancher application catalog, it provides you with the ability to secure, provision and back up your storage across any Kubernetes cluster.

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A CNCF Sandbox Project

Originally a Rancher Labs project, Longhorn was donated to the CNCF in 2017 as a sign of Rancher Lab’s commitment to the open source community.

Intuitive Dashboard

Longhorn comes with a free GUI dashboard that is authenticated when Longhorn is downloaded via the Rancher catalog.

Easy 1-Click Deployment

Installation of Longhorn with Rancher is easy via the app catalog.

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Focus less on software complexity and move your business forward

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Longhorn is 100% open source software and can be deployed using Rancher from core to cloud to edge.

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