Key Features

Easily onboard and manage any Linux server connected to the network, from IoT edge devices to your Kubernetes environment, no matter where it is located – in your data center, a 3 rd party data center or in the public cloud.

A single tool for automated deployment of hardened OS templates (bare metal, VM or container) to tens of thousands of servers and IoT devices for faster, consistent and repeatable provisioning and configuration without compromising speed or security.

Automated patch management enables you to deploy patches based on software channel assigned, helping you to reduce costs.

Simplified management with graphical visualization of your Linux systems and their relationships along with the capability to organize them into logical groupings based on tags (e.g. location, rack, vendor, CPU architecture, RAM, etc.)

Detailed compliance auditing and reporting with the ability to track all hardware and software changes made to your managed Linux infrastructure helps to ensure compliance with internal security policies

Quickly identify systems deployed in hybrid cloud and container infrastructures that are out of compliance to hardened profiles/templates based on your own internal security policies ensuring faster non-compliant remediation.

Reference Architecture:


Tech Specs


Required: Multi-core 64-bit CPU (x86-64)


Minimum 4 GB for Testing/Evaluation Server

Minimum 16 GB for Base Installation

Minimum 32 GB for Production Server


Required: 100 GB for base installation

Additionally: At least 130 GB for repository data


x86-64 (64-bit)

IBM z Systems LinuxONE

IBM POWER8 or POWER9 processor-based server in Little Endian mode

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