Recommended update for smartmontools

SUSE Recommended Update: Recommended update for smartmontools
Announcement ID: SUSE-RU-2018:1649-2
Rating: moderate
References: #1038271 #1047198 #1080611 #900099 #983938
Affected Products:
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12-SP2-BCL

An update that has 5 recommended fixes can now be installed.


This update for smartmontools fixes the following issues:
smartmontools was updated to 6.6 version (FATE#321901, bsc#1080611, FATE#322874)

  • smartctl:

* -i' and '--identify': ATA ACS-4 and SATA 3.3 enhancements. * Control ATA write cache through SCT Feature Control with '-s wcache-sct,ata|on|off[,p]' and '-g wcache-sct'. * Print ATA Pending Defects log with '-l defects'. * '-s wcreorder,on|off': New persistent flag ',p'. * '-s standby': Prevent temporary drive spinup. * '-n POWERMODE': New parameter to set exit status. * '-g security': ATA Security Level check fixed. * '-l scttemp*': Print minimum supported ERC Time Limit. * '-q noserial': Now also suppresses "SAS address" output. * '-i': Print IEEE EUI-64 of NVMe namespace. * '-c': Print NVMe 1.3 feature flags. * '-A': Print NVMe 1.3 thermal temperature transition statistic. * '-g/s dsn': Get/set ATA DSN.
- smartd
* Uses also device identify information to detect for duplicate devices. * '-e dsn' directive: Set ATA DSN. * Improved SCSI/SAS temperature logging. * Silence emails and log messages on open errors of '-d removable' devices. * Exit on device open error unless '-q never' or '-d removable' is specified (regression).
- update-smart-drivedb: Now authenticates downloaded file with GnuPG. - update-smart-drivedb: New options '--trunk', '--no-verify' and '--export-key'. - Device type '-d intelliprop,N' for IntelliProp controllers. - SCSI: Default timeout increased to 1 minute. - configure: New options '--with-gnupg', '--with-scriptpath' and '--with-update-smart-drivedb=X.Y' - configure: Checks for C++11 support option and requires '--with[out]-cxx11-option' if option unknown or no C++11 support. - HDD, SSD and USB additions to drive database. - New smartmontools-* mailing list addresses. - Man page formatting reworked. - Linux:
* Uses SG_IO V4 API if supported. * Devices behind hpsa driver are no longer detected as regular SCSI devices.
- Darwin: Initial NVMe support based on undocumented API. - FreeBSD:
* Fix panic on INVARIANTS enabled kernel. * Improve ATA SMART STATUS check for legacy controllers. * Compile fix for FreeBSD-11 and newer.
- NetBSD:
* NVMe support. * Full 28-bit ATA support. * Compile fix. * Use a raw disk device file.
- OpenBSD: Compile fix. - OS/2: Support for the OS2AHCI driver, updating source code, adding autoscan support, adding self-test support. - Windows fixes:
* Support for Windows 10 NVMe driver (stornvme.sys). * Fix CSMI access for IRST driver 15.2. * smartd: Ability to run PowerShell scripts with '-M exec'. * smartd: New PowerShell script to send smartd warning emails without external tools. * package now provides PDF man pages.
  • SCSI temperature error fixes (bsc#1047198)

  • Drop systemd dependency on (bsc#983938).

Updated to 6.5 version:
* Experimental support for NVMe devices on FreeBSD, Linux and Windows. * smartctl '-i', '-c', '-H' and '-l error': NVMe support. * smartctl '-l nvmelog': New option for NVMe. * smartd.conf '-H', '-l error' and '-W': NVMe support. * Optional NVMe device scanning support on Linux and Windows. * configure option '--with-nvme-devicescan' to include NVMe in * default device scanning result. * Device scanning now allows to specify multiple '-d TYPE' options. * ATA: Added new POWER MODE values introduced in ATA ACS-2. * ATA: SCT commands are no longer issued if ATA Security is locked. * SCSI: LB provisioning improvements. * SCSI: Fixed GLTSD bit set/cleared info messages. * SCSI: Solid State media log page is no longer checked for tapes. * SCSI: Improved handling when no tape cartridge in drive. * SCSI: Workaround for buggy Seagate firmware. * SAT: Improved heuristics to detect bogus sense data from SAT layer. * smartd: Fixed crash on missing argument to '-s' directive. update-smart-drivedb: Now uses HTTPS for download by default. * update-smart-drivedb: New options to select URL and download tool. * update-smart-drivedb: New download tool 'svn'. * configure option '--without-update-smart-drivedb' to disable update-smart-drivedb script. * configure options '--disable-drivedb', '--enable-savestates', '--enable-attributelog' and '--with-docdir' are no longer supported. * autoconf
  • enable "--with-nvme-devicescan" option
  • use --with-savestates, --with-attributelog, --docdir instead of old options

Updated to version 6.0.4:
* Device type ' *d usbprolific' for Prolific PL2571/277x USB bridges. * SAT: Support for ATA registers returned in fixed format sense data. * smartctl ' *i' and ' * *identify': ATA ACS *4 and SATA 3.2 enhancements. * smartctl ' *l xerror': Support for logs with more than 255 pages. * smartctl ' *l devstat': Prints ACS *3 DSN flags. * smartctl ' *l devstat': Read via SMART command if GP log is not available. * smartctl ' *l scttempsts': Prints SCT SMART STATUS (ACS *4) and vendor specific SCT bytes. * configure option ' * *with *systemdenvfile=auto' as new default. * configure options ' * *disable *drivedb', ' * *enable *savestates' and ' * *enable *attributelog' are deprecated. * Corresponding ' * *with **' options are enhanced accordingly. * Configure option ' * *with *docdir' is deprecated. * autoconf
  • Cleanup and remove conditional macros; the package doesn't build for SLE anyway

    • Run Self Tests:

    * Short Self Test every night * Extended Self Test every month * Discussion:
    • Package empty /etc/smartd_warning.d for warning plugins.

    • Re-add /usr/sbin/rcsmards symlink (bsc#900099).
    • Fix service restart in (bsc#900099).

    Updated to version 6.3:
    - smartctl: Fixed bogus error messages from '-g/-s wcreorder'. - smartctl prints ATA form factor. - SCSI: Improved support of modern disks (SAS SSDs). - SCSI: Fixed sense data noise from old disks. - update-smart-drivedb man page. - configure option '--with-smartdscriptdir'. - configure option '--with-smartdplugindir'. - configure option '--with-systemdenvfile'. - configure option '--with-working-snprintf'. - Removed build time stamps to support reproducible builds. - Compile fixes for C++11. - HDD, SSD and USB additions to drive database. - Linux: Support for controllers behind AACRAID driver. - Linux: Fixed DEVICESCAN max path count. - FreeBSD: Fixed possible crash caused by wrong SCSI error handling. - FreeBSD: Compile fix for kFreeBSD. - Windows: Reworked CSMI port scanning. - QNX: Compile fix.
    • Make possible to disable broken SAT support by -d scsi+cciss,N (bsc#1038271
    • Build with large file support in 32 bit systems.

    Patch Instructions:

    To install this SUSE Recommended Update use the SUSE recommended installation methods like YaST online_update or "zypper patch".
    Alternatively you can run the command listed for your product:

    • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12-SP2-BCL:
      zypper in -t patch SUSE-SLE-SERVER-12-SP2-BCL-2018-1116=1

    Package List:

    • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12-SP2-BCL (x86_64):
      • smartmontools-6.6-6.3.3
      • smartmontools-debuginfo-6.6-6.3.3
      • smartmontools-debugsource-6.6-6.3.3