Key Features

Simplify multimodal IT by bridging your traditional and software-defined infrastructures. The SUSE Linux Enterprise “common code base” platform helps break the silos of IT systems while bridging traditional and software-defined infrastructure. This enables easy migration of application workloads, improves systems management and eases adoption of containers.

Make traditional IT infrastructure more efficient with a Modular+ architecture that enables you to innovate and improve efficiency without disrupting the traditional IT infrastructure pillars—stability, security and proven standards.

The Modular+ architecture also helps you to easily deploy and transition business-critical workloads across on-premise and public cloud environments.

Accelerate the transition from developer setups to production deployments when you start with a free developer subscription or community Linux (openSUSE Leap) and easily move to fully supported enterprise Linux.

Achieve faster time to market by leveraging open source technology, methods, and existing knowledge.

Tech Specs

Minimum Linux server system requirements for installation

  • Local Installation: 512 MiB RAM, 512 MiB Swap recommended
  • 2 GiB available disk space (8.5 GiB for all patterns)
  • 16 GiB for snapshot/rollback of the OS

Recommendations for specific uses

  • 512 MiB to 4 GiB RAM, at least 256 MiB per CPU
  • 4 GiB hard-disk space, 16 GiB for snapshot/rollback of the OS
  • Network interface (Ethernet, wireless or modem)
  • For Xen virtual host server—at least 512 MiB RAM for each virtual host server
Kernel Limits

KVM Limits

Xen Limits

File Systems

Supported Java Versions

Certified Software Catalog

The SUSE Partner Software Catalog lists commercially supported partner software that runs on and with SUSE software. Find a partner certified to work with SUSE.


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