SUSE Public Cloud Solutions

Accelerate innovation across your cloud network with SUSE’s open-source solutions.

Why SUSE in the Public Cloud?

SUSE Linux Enterprise and SUSE Rancher help organizations accelerate their digital transformation by simplifying their cloud adoption strategy and building new, differentiating applications faster than the competition.

Scalable, secure, enterprise-grade solutions

Innovation is at the heart of modern enterprises. Help your team develop competitive advantage by building and migrating critical applications across leading cloud providers with SUSE’s portfolio of hybrid cloud and cloud-native solutions.

The Leader for SAP

Validated by SAP, running SUSE Linux Enterprise for SAP Applications in the public cloud provides a reliable, manageable and highly available platform for all SAP mission-critical workloads.

First-class support for cloud-hosted Kubernetes

SUSE Rancher provides full-lifecycle support for Kubernetes clusters hosted on Amazon EKS, Azure AKS and Google GKE. Users can import, observe, secure and configure all their hosted clusters directly from a single console.

Reliable, Secure & Fast

Choosing SUSE in the public cloud ensures that you stay up-to-date with the latest security patches, feature enhancements and bug fixes. Extend your on-premises HPC cluster to the public cloud when you need more capacity.

Bring Your Own Subscription

Transfer the benefits of your current subscription to your workloads running AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. Extend your data center to the public cloud and ensure the same level of SUSE service across your hybrid cloud infrastructure.

MPAC Cuts Cloud Costs by 40 Percent with SUSE Rancher on AWS
  • 40% reduction in cloud costs
  • 85% reduction in cluster deployment time — from days to minutes
  • 80% reduction in update and patch management time — from five days to hours
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Work with our Cloud Partners

Amazon Web Services

Over the past decade, thousands of AWS customers have relied on SUSE’s IT Solutions to move their enterprise workloads to the cloud at ease. SUSE is an Advanced Tier Technology Partner, Container Competency Partner, and AWS Public Sector Partner Program member.

Microsoft Azure

SUSE and Microsoft have extensive history co-developing world-class innovative cloud solutions for their customers over the last ten years. SUSE is a strategic alliance partner of Microsoft Azure, helping customers build a seamless integration across their cloud applications.

Google Cloud

Create a competitive infrastructure strategy with SUSE and Google Cloud. Deploy mission-critical applications on Google Cloud at ease and maintain high availability with SUSE’s open source IT solutions - SUSE Linux Enterprise and SUSE Rancher.

Oracle Cloud

Transform your Oracle cloud instance with SUSE’s IT solutions. Access multiple Oracle and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server certified applications to help you optimize your organization and scale your cloud infrastructure.


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