SUSE Public Beta Program

The SUSE Beta Program is made public to welcome and encourage participation by everyone. Help make the next releases of SUSE products our best yet and start to qualify future releases before the final versions are released.

Participation in Beta Testing is beneficial not only to SUSE, but also to our users, customers, and partners because it provides:

  • Early access to pre-release products.
  • Involvement in development cycle.
  • The ability to test the product in your environment before the official customer release.
  • Resulting knowledge gained from participating in the Beta Program.
  • More stable code due to multiple individuals testing in many different environments.
  • Contact with the SUSE Engineering and Product Management.
  • Improved documentation.

How Do I Participate?

As a member of the SUSE Beta Program, you will get access to the beta versions of SUSE products and will be able to let us know about any issues you have found or what you think about the product.

To be enrolled in the SUSE Beta Program all you need to have is a SUSE account on our website. The account will then allow you to access our collaboration and download channels for a specific SUSE Product Beta Program.

  1. After being logged into your SUSE account, please go to the List of SUSE Beta Products.
  2. Select the SUSE Product of your choice from the available Beta products.
  3. Read and acknowledge the SUSE Code of Conduct.
  4. Receive all information needed to start beta testing.