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Democratizing generative AI by providing security, control and choice.

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SUSE is bringing AI sovereignty to enterprises by coupling open source principles with security and privacy – fostering collaboration and providing choice. Our AI strategy is focused on providing an open, enterprise-ready GenAI platform that offers security, privacy and control.

What is SUSE AI?

SUSE AI is a modular, secure, vendor and LLM-agnostic GenAI solution that helps dissolve silos and reduces costs associated with enterprise generative AI implementations – built on SUSE’s industry-leading open source, cloud-native Linux, Kubernetes, and container security offerings.

The SUSE AI Early Access Program is a collaborative engagement between SUSE and organizations to implement a private generative AI solution, and includes a proof-of-concept.


An open, secure, and enterprise-grade generative AI solution, providing enterprises the freedom to run private GenAI solutions on-premises or in the cloud.

Customer support and knowledge management

SUSE’s Private AI solution can significantly enhance customer support by providing accurate and contextually relevant responses to customer queries. It retrieves relevant information from a knowledge base and generates a coherent and precise response.

Content generation and personalization

SUSE Private AI solution can aid in generating high-quality, personalized content by retrieving relevant data and information from vast sources and creating customized outputs. This is useful in industries where personalized user experience is crucial.

Research and data analysis

SUSE’s Private AI solution can streamline research and data analysis by retrieving pertinent information from extensive datasets and generating comprehensive summaries, reports, or insights. This is especially useful in data-intensive industries.

See the difference with SUSE products & solutions

SUSE Linux Enterprise Micro

An ultra-reliable, lightweight developer friendly operating system.


A fully conformant Kubernetes distribution that focuses on security and compliance within the U.S. Federal Government sector.

Rancher Prime

Everything organizations need to to securely deploy, run, and manage their containerized workloads anywhere. Streamlining cluster deployment, Rancher Prime offers centralized authentication, access control and observability across the entire infrastructure.

Neuvector Prime

NeuVector Prime is an open, cloud-native, Zero Trust container security platform.

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