SUSE Linux 7.3 Now Available for Sun Microsystems SPARC

November 26, 2001

Most Comprehensive Linux Version For SPARC CPU's. SUSE ftp server allows free download of the complete version.

Oakland, California

Today, SUSE Linux, theinternational Open Source technology leader and solutions provider,announced that SUSE Linux 7.3 is now available for Sun Microsystems' SPARC architecture. By downloading the new release from SUSE ftp server, SPARC users can benefit from the latest Linux developments.

SUSE provides the proven Linux Kernel 2.2.20 for deployment in Sun4c and Sun4m series 32-bit machines and Kernel 2.4.14 for Sun4u series 64-bit systems. Kernel 2.4.14 ensures increased performance through improved memory management. In addition, it offers an extended range of drivers and USB support for new UltraSPARC models. SUSE Linux 7.3 for SPARC is based on the program library glibc 2.2.4 and includes XFree86 4.1.0.

SUSE Linux 7.3 for SPARC boasts a large number of new features in the installation and configuration tool YaST2 (Yet another Setup Tool) For the first time, the package includes YaST2 modules for the administration of NIS servers as well as NIS and LDAP clients. A run level editor enables the selective activation of server services. SoftRAID support enhances performance and provides reliable protection against data loss. With a graphical YaST2 front-end for the Logical Volume Manager, Linux partitions can now be easily resized even while the system is up and running. Apart from ReiserFS, Ext3, another file system with journaling functionality, is available for UltraSPARC processors. The graphical user interface KDE 2.2.1 ensures a high level of user friendliness and convenience.

The range of security features has also been expanded to include the "crypto file system", which ensures that confidential information is concealed from unauthorized access even if the entire hardware is stolen. Stored data is only available in unencrypted form, if the user enters the correct identification.

Ideal Solution For Heterogeneous Networks

The wide range of supported hardware, from notebooks and servers based on IA32, IA64, SPARC, PowerPC, IBM eServer pSeries, IBM eServer Series, to IBM S/390 and IBM eServer zSeries, positions SUSE Linux as the operating system of choice for professional deployment. The availability and compatibility across multiple platforms enables companies to consistently integrate SuSE Linux on all systems in their IT environment, from PC clients to powerful host systems, while being able to perform tasks under familiar system conditions. This results in a uniform and standardized administration of heterogeneous networks, a permanently reduced administration workload, and substantially minimized expenses for the development and acquisition of strategic software products in the enterprise.

SUSE Linux 7.3 for SPARC is only available for download on

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