SUSE and UShareSoft Introduce First Hybrid Cloud Solution Based on SUSE Cloud

July 1, 2014

Grenoble, France, and Nuremberg, Germany

SUSE® and UShareSoft today announced UForge for SUSE Cloud, the first ready-to-run hybrid cloud solution based on SUSE Cloud, the first enterprise OpenStack distribution, with an integrated store for enterprise application templates and easy-to-use tools for software onboarding. SUSE and UShareSoft have collaborated to ensure SUSE Cloud and UShareSoft's UForge are fully integrated and optimized to work together out of the box, making it easier for enterprises to adopt cloud computing.

SUSE customers can install UForge instantly for SUSE Cloud, allowing them to create and manage custom software and applications for SUSE Cloud and hybrid environments, migrate live servers to SUSE Cloud and hybrid environments in less than 30 minutes, and enhance SUSE Cloud with an enterprise application catalog.

The new solution allows customers to choose—and move—between private and public cloud deployments, while ensuring full software governance and application lifecycle management. Together, SUSE Cloud and UForge enable enterprise customers to implement hybrid clouds out of the box, offering efficient scaling of resources and fast, simple, consistent workload deployment across existing virtual data centers or new public or private clouds.

“Enterprise customers are often hesitant to move to cloud without software governance and control, particularly where confidential data is concerned,” said Pete Chadwick, senior product manager for SUSE. “Our joint solution means customers can stay on top of software governance, replicate and manage identical software deployments between clouds, and keep sensitive data within a private SUSE Cloud environment, while offering their users the benefits of unlimited public cloud capacity. We're aiming to supply the best of both worlds.”

Alban Richard, CEO of UShareSoft, said, “Enterprises implementing hybrid cloud environments often hit major hurdles. How can they ensure software governance and security? How can they onboard new applications and migrate existing ones? Together, SUSE and UShareSoft are helping our customers overcome these challenges, with a ready-to-run hybrid solution that integrates the SUSE Cloud OpenStack platform with simple, self-service software onboarding tools.”

UForge for SUSE Cloud offers customers:

  • Consistency across hybrid clouds. With support for all leading hypervisors and cloud infrastructures, customers can build or migrate identical software stacks for SUSE Cloud and any public cloud (such as AWS EMEA region, Microsoft Azure, Google Compute Engine and others) or existing virtual data center, ensuring consistent workloads regardless of the deployment environment.

  • Integrated enterprise applications catalog. A dynamic enterprise applications catalog can be installed in a few clicks and populated using self-service onboarding tools that ensure enterprise software governance and lifecycle management.

  • Software governance. Unique UForge software modeling techniques offer customers fine-grained governance and transparency over every level of their software stack as they build or migrate applications for SUSE Cloud and hybrid environments.

  • No lock-in. Customers can flexibly move workloads between private and public cloud infrastructures or virtual data centers.

UForge for SUSE Cloud will be available in early July from UShareSoft and SUSE partners. The UForge portal will be available free for SUSE Cloud, with free, upgradeable accounts available at

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