Faster product development and certification

Are you responsible for developing and certifying your company's hardware and software solutions with third party platforms like SUSE Linux Enterprise? Do it easier and more quickly with information, tools and support from SUSE. Our engineers can help you accelerate product development, optimize software performance, and fast-track testing and certification.

Multiple program levels to meet your specific needs

Access to confidential information, tools and support is made available by joining the SUSE Developer Services Program and signing up at a specific program level. A variety of program levels means you can pick the level that best meets your unique needs and requirements.

Quickly build comprehensive driver kits

Offer your customers kernel modules and drivers that are integrated into SUSE's software installation and update methods. The SUSE SolidDriver Program makes it easy.

YES Certification Program Level Matrix

100 Level 250 Level 500 Level 1000 Level
Program Fees $20,000 $75,000 $175,000 $350,000
YES Bulletins Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
SBS User Accounts 2 4 8 8
Training Online Only Online Only 1 Wk in-person 1 Wk In-person
YES Certification By Partner By Partner or SUSE By Partner or SUSE By Partner or SUSE
Certification Support Limited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Partner Engineer Queue-based 1/4 Engineer 1/2 Engineer Dedicated
Technology Review N/A Eligible Eligible Eligible
Beta SCK Access N/A Eligible Eligible Eligible
SolidDriver Program Separate Fee Separate Fee Separate Fee Included

Please contact a SUSE sales representative for more information about program levels and pricing.

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