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In pharma, it took a pandemic to accelerate transformation

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the pharmaceutical industry has shifted from ‘doing digital’ toward ‘being digital’. But sustaining this new level of innovation and collaboration will require the industry to bake-in even further digitization, automation, and integration of quality controls across value chains. This includes accelerated health authority oversight, the remote patient monitoring of at-home clinical trials, and the streamlining of drug development and review processes.

Pharma’s five-year challenges

  • Strengthening R&D - efficiency can be gained with greater process insight, while artificial intelligence (AI) can be a game-changing addition to therapy development.
  • Customized treatments – devices and apps can help people to take ownership of their care and care plan development.
  • Data democratization - harnessing the power of data means removing silos, enabling wider access, and solutions that cut across supply chains for each stage of drug creation.
  • Reputation and sustainability – tech can enable a step away from a ‘profiteering’ image and help make carbon neutrality a strategic aim.
  • Vaccine development – ensuring the pandemic is tackled effectively means deeper collaboration for accelerated development.
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混合云 IT

SUSE 的混合云解决方案加速了创新,让我们的客户能够更快地响应市场需求。我们支持最广泛的架构、虚拟化、容器运行时、储存和网络选项。


Kubernetes 最大限度地提高了开发灵活性并加速了数字变革。Rancher 统一了所有群集,以确保从核心到云再到边缘的一致操作、工作负载管理和企业级安全。

运行 SAP

SUSE Linux Enterprise for SAP Applications 是针对制造业中的 SAP HANASAP NetWeaverSAP S/4HANA 解决方案而优化的首要 Linux 平台。我们降低了服务中断的风险,让您可以更快地在本地和云中部署 SAP 服务。

边缘 IT 运营

SUSE 是基于轻量级 Linux、Kubernetes 和 x86 或 Arm 硬件储存产品的智能边缘计算解决方案的领军者。我们提供一致性、性能、可靠性和安全性 - 所有这些都对制造边缘使用案例至关重要。

  • Use AI and data science to speed up treatment innovation
  • Apply data analysis and new go-to-market models to make treatments more sustainable
  • Become a therapy leader with innovative, new treatments
  • Manage costs most effectively to support the growth of profit
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SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

The industry’s most secure, modular Linux operating system that paves the way for IT transformation in the software-defined era.

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Addresses the needs of DevOps teams deploying applications with Kubernetes and IT staffs delivering enterprise-critical services.

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SUSE Linux Enterprise Micro

Leverages the enterprise-hardened technology components of SUSE Linux Enterprise and merges that with what developers want from a modern, immutable OS platform.

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SUSE Manager

A best-in-class open source infrastructure management solution for heterogeneous Linux environments.

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SUSE Linux Enterprise Server or SAP Applications

The leading Linux platform for SAP HANA, SAP NetWeaver and SAP S/4HANA solutions and is endorsed by SAP.

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SUSE NeuVector

The industry’s only 100% open source, Zero-Trust container security platform.

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