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Become a SUSE One partner to engage in collaborative innovation, benefit from new and emerging market trends, and deliver better experiences for your customers.

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Partnership with Purpose

The combined expertise of a strong partnership broadens the ability to tackle real world challenges and develop sustainable, shared business opportunities.

As more and more organizations drive towards digital transformation, cloud native development and the adoption Kubernetes, SUSE One provides a clear path forward for our partners to certify, build, sell, and provide services with and through SUSE.

SUSE One Specializations

Simplify your partnership, modernize your offerings, and accelerate your growth. Identify your place in SUSE One through objective-based alignment, then progress the tiers in any or all of the program specializations to expand your access to additional benefits, and incentives.


Engagement with INNOVATE demonstrates your collaboration with SUSE engineering to ensure the compatibility of software and hardware built on or with SUSE offerings. Leverage the YES, Ready, and SolidDriver certifications to provide assurance to customers that your solutions have been validated for functionality, performance, and reliability.


For the creator and purveyors of market specific, industry agnostic, or use-case driven end-to-end solutions across SUSE offerings, the SOLUTION specialization provides partners with support and opportunity. Bring your certified solutions and work with us to identify routes to market, develop GTM plans, and broaden revenue opportunities.


An improved partner experience creates an improved customer experience, and the SELL specialization is for organizations looking to improve on both in the channel. Leverage program resources and grow new revenue streams by reselling SUSE products, Partner Solution Stacks, and expert services that support digital transformation.


The MSP program is for partners that build, deploy, or provide services in the cloud.

The Cloud Elevate Program is designed to empower SUSE One partners to expand and grow revenues through the cloud marketplace.


By invitation only. Provide consulting, deployment, migration & integration services as a SUSE subcontractor partner. Build and expand your Services practice around SUSE products and offerings as an extension of SUSE Services/Consulting to support and accelerate your customers cloud and container strategies.


The TRAIN specialization focuses on partners that will provide training and certification services to SUSE customers and partners. SUSE relies on these partners to help customers and partners go deep into SUSE products and solutions. Whether you focus only on training or offer learning as part of a suite of services, TRAIN provides the benefits to help you create a profitable business practice.

Together as One
The power of community is what drives open source. With that same philosophy applied to the SUSE One ecosystem, our opportunities together are limitless.

Success with SUSE One

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Skill Up

Enroll in a SUSE One training path to deepen your understanding of the SUSE portfolio, expand your capabilities, and capitalize on the program advantages that come from certifying your sales and technical teams.

Become a SUSE Partner


Moving up the tiers of SUSE One is attained by satisfying both the program training and certification requirements, and in some cases, any additional requirements that are outlined within the specializations.

Become a SUSE Partner


Certifying your skills and elevating your organization’s status in the program rewards you with additional benefits, closer alignment and joint planning with SUSE, and better outcomes for you and your customers.