An Authorized Testing Center is a testing facility run by independent companies who have been trained and authorized by SUSE to perform YES CERTIFIED testing. An Authorized Testing Center provides the convenience of having the testing facilities, test kits, and training needed to perform the YES certification process. Some Authorized Testing Centers have the added convenience of being able to offer custom development services to Partners whose products fail to meet the rigorous YES certification requirements

Certifipro Lab (CA, US)

Contact: Eric Liou
Phone:+1-714-595-9866, +886-933884888

SUSE Partner cs2c
China Standard Software Co., LTD. (China)

Contact:Jing Gao
Direct Phone: 86-10-51659955

Eix Solutions
EIX Solutions S/B (Malaysia/Asean)

Contact:Andrew Lee
Direct Phone: 603-8993-5246
General Line: 603-8994-1818

MSP Brasil
MSPBrasil (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Contact: Jairo Borges
Direct Phone: (55) 21-2113-2380

SSCT (Japan)

Contact: Mr. Sumiya
Phone: +81-28-680-2000

TNDC-Shinewave (Taiwan)

Contact: Alan Chang
Phone: 886-2-86621675