Managing Responsibly: Environment, Social and Governance

As a company focused on harnessing the power of open source to help our customers innovate everywhere, SUSE’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy is central to our business and our sustainable growth. Through it we seek to create shared value for our customers, partners, employees, communities and investors.

Our ESG Vision

SUSE’s vision is to drive real impact around societal and environmental topics of importance to our stakeholders. To achieve our vision, we focus on strong leadership, employee engagement and strategic partnerships.

Leadership Commitment
  • SUSE's ESG function reports directly to the CEO.
  • ESG vision and strategy are supported by group-level goals, with ESG KPIs embedded across business functions.
  • SUSE keeps an ESG Champion on the Board of Directors.
Employee Engagement
  • Four employee networks (GoGreen, Women in Technology, Pride @ SUSE, Open Source Community Citizens) engage employees at all levels.
  • SUSE promotes volunteerism as each employee gets one paid day per year to volunteer, with recognition for their community service.
Partnering for Impact
  • SUSE engages with several external organizations who share our ethos and are focused on driving sustainability.
  • For example, the Eden Reforestation Project is a global non-profit organization we partner with to plant the SUSE Forest in Madagascar, supporting reforestation and battling climate change.

Our Focus Areas

SUSE is a transparent and purpose-driven organization, innovating to provide solutions while making positive contributions to society. A strong commitment to ESG has been part of our success, as we have already made and continue to make significant progress in many areas.


High engagement and employee well-being are key priorities for SUSE. Our people are our strongest asset, and we want all employees to feel they can be honest and open at work every day.


Organizations today face increasing pressure to become more agile to grow, compete and survive. By leveraging the power of open and helping our customers digitally transform, we are helping them create more sustainable enterprises.


At SUSE, we believe we all bear a responsibility to preserve our planet for generations to come. We want to be part of the solution to the challenges facing our world.

Business Integrity & Success

SUSE is committed to effective and transparent governance to ensure integrity in the way we do business.

SUSE Employee Networks

SUSE Employee Networks are designed to create an inclusive and diverse environment for employees, facilitating collaboration and support across the company.

Pride @ SUSE

Our mission is to work together to help members thrive and succeed while encouraging everyone to bring their authentic selves to work every day. Together, we will continually demonstrate the value of diversity at SUSE and within our own communities.

SUSE Women in Tech

Our mission is to empower, equipping every woman within the network with access to learning and development opportunities (e.g., professional development and networking opportunities) so they can advance their careers in technology.

SUSE GoGreen

Our mission is to promote initiatives that help SUSE (including employees, suppliers, partners, communities and customers) act responsibly when thinking about their collective environmental impact on the Earth.

SUSE Open Source Community Citizens

Our mission is to unite and empower employees who are passionate about promoting open source principles.

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