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SUSE edge solutions deliver consistency, performance, reliability, security and the highest standards of support – all of which are vitally important elements in edge computing environments.

Edge applications are everywhere

Edge computing enables enterprises to locate infrastructure services like compute, storage, and networking as close as possible to their customers' most remote and resource-constrained deployments.

In this video, learn how Home Depot addresses a key challenge implementing edge computing across 2000+ stores.

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Stylez and Ryoyo are deploying SUSE powered edge devices in manufacturing factories and industrial settings.

The AI-assisted, quality-inspection solution created by Stylez and Ryoyo is helping their customer achieve its vision of the smart factory of the future.

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Why SUSE for Edge?

We are the premier provider of open source solutions for edge computing Linux systems ideally suited for edge devices and the operation of lightweight Kubernetes clusters at ‘edge-scale’.


Purpose Built for Edge

SUSE has created a purpose built solution stack for edge, so you don’t compromise using repurposed legacy technology or be limited in hardware choices or integration with open source tools of choice.


Simplify Operations

You can save tremendous time and resources by automating and centralizing edge operations. Rancher helps you manage full lifecycle of your edge device – from applications to Kubernetes to OS.


Secure & Reliable

Bring data center level of security to every device, wherever it is located, with the combination of an immutable OS, a lightweight Kubernetes binary and unified application of security practices.


Minimize Deployment Risk

We combine our edge-optimized Linux and Kubernetes technologies with  world-class support  and  consulting services to simplify the deployment of edge infrastructures and complement your resources.

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See the difference with SUSE products & solutions


Addresses the needs of DevOps teams deploying applications with Kubernetes and IT staffs delivering cloud-native services at the edge.


The only 100% open source, Zero Trust container security platform – perfect for secure cloud-native deployments at the edge.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Micro

A lightweight, immutable OS platform ideal for resource constrained environments at the edge.


March 21st, 2024

IDC: vezet a Longhorn

A piackutató elemzése szerint a Kuberneteshez készült, vállalati szintű elosztott tárolási rendszer...

February 26th, 2024

Támogatott és biztonságos Kubernetes-infrastruktúra az SAP Cloud bevezetéséhez

A legmodernebb SAP-alkalmazások bevezetéséhez és futtatásához megfelelő háttérre van szükség, amihez...

January 16th, 2024

Ingyen adjuk a szaktudást a konténerek és a Rancher kezeléséhez

A SUSE tavaly indította el a Rancher Academy online oktatási platformot, amelyen keresztül ingyenes...