SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time Extension

If your business can respond more quickly to new information and changing market conditions, you have a distinct advantage over those that cannot. Running your time-sensitive mission-critical applications using SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time Extension reduces process dispatch latencies, and gives you the time advantage you need to increase profits or avoid further financial losses, ahead of your competitors.

Key Features
  • Pre-emptible real-time kernel
  • Ability to assign high-priority processes
  • Greater predictability to complete critical processes on time, every time
  • Increased reliability
  • Lower infrastructure costs
  • Tracing & debugging tools that help you analyze & identify bottlenecks in mission-critical applications
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Version 12

System Requirements

Minimum Software Requirements
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 Service Pack 1

    *SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time Extension is an add-on product, and requires that SUSE Linux Enterprise Server be installed prior to adding it:
Recommended System Requirements
  • Multicore / Multiprocessor system
  • 1 GB physical RAM
  • 10 GB available disk space
Minimum System Requirements
  • 512 MB physical RAM
  • 5 GB available disk space
Supported Processors
  • x86_64
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Greater Reliability

Applications that use SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time Extension are more reliable than the same applications running on a general purpose operating system, especially under heavy system loads. Real Time Extension gets higher availability from your mission-critical applications when your system demands are variable and unpredictable.

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Lower Infrastructure Costs

Because applications using SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time Extension are more reliable and predictable, even under heavy system loads, over-provisioned systems can now safely be run hotter, or at higher average utilization. This increases capacity, or alternatively, lowers hardware costs on a per-service basis.

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Greater Visibility

SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time Extension includes tracing and debugging tools that allow you to non-intrusively analyze the run-time behavior of your time-sensitive mission-critical applications. Using these tools, you can easily identify resource bottlenecks, and target specific areas for improvement.

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