SCA in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15

The SUSE Certified Administrator (SCA) in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 certification is designed for SUSE Linux Enterprise system administrators who have become familiar with the SLES operating system. This certification validates your fundamental knowledge of the Linux operating system and your ability to properly administer SLES 15 at a standard sysadmin level. 

How to Earn the Certification

Candidates can earn the SCA in SUSE Linux Entperprise Server 15 by either passing the core SCA in SUSE Linux Entperise Server 15 exam or by updating their version 12 certification. 

Core Exam Option

Details for the Core SCA in SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 exam are below.  There are no other prerequisites to obtain the certification via this option.

Update Option

Candidates who currently hold either an SCA or SCE in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 are able to take one update exam to update their certification(s) to version 15. Candidates who have only an SCA will receive an updated SCA in Enterprise Linux 15, and those candidates with an SCE in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 will receive the corresponding version 15 certification. See the SLES 12 to 15 Certifications Update Exam page for the study options, prerequisites and exam objectives.

Core Exam Information

Study Options

As with all SUSE certifications, course work is not required. You need to pass this certification exam and meet the prerequisites in order to achieve the certification. We highly recommend you study the objectives and prepare for the exam.

Detailed Objectives

  • Overview of SUSE Linux Enterprise
    • Flavors of SUSE Linux
    • SLE Maintenance Model
    • YaST
  • The Linux Filesystem
    • Understand the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS)
    • Understand the Linux File Types
  • Work with the Command Line
    • Getting Help at the Command Line
    • Understand the Shell Environment
  • The Vim Editor
  • Remote Administration
    • Understand Remote Administration with OpenSSH
    • Understand Remote Administration with VNC
  • System Initialization
    • Understand the Boot Process
    • Understand the GRUB2 Boot Loader
    • Define and Describe systemd
  • Process Management
    • Understand Process Administration
    • Understand Background Processes
    • Understand Process Scheduling
  • Identity and Security
    • Understand User Management
    • Understand Filesystem Permissions
    • Understand Privilege Delegation
  • Software Management
    • Understand Compiling Software from Source
    • Understand Management of RPM Packages
    • Understand Software Management with Libzypp
  • Network Management
    • Understand Network Management in SLE
    • Understand Network Management with Wicked
    • Understand firewalldl
  • Storage Management
    • Understand the Linux I/O Stack
    • Recognize Traditional Linux File Systems
    • Configure Logical Volume Management (LVM)
    • Configure Software RAID
    • Define and Describe BtrFS
    • Understand NFSv4
  • Administration and Monitoring
    • Understand Time Sync with chrony
    • Configure System Logging
    • Understand Supportconfig


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Core Exam Details

Cost: $149

Exam Type: Question based; 70 questions

Code: sca_sles15 (previously 050-754)

Exam Length: 90 minutes

Scoring: The passing score is 70%

Retake Policy: If you do not pass the exam, you must wait 72 hours before you can schedule and take the exam again

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