SUSE Linux eMail Server 3.1 with Latest Linux Technologies Available now

July 22, 2002

Today, SUSE Linux, the international Open Source technology leader and solutions provider, announced the availability of the third generation of the SUSE Linux eMail Server with expanded system functionalities to be released at the end of June.

Oakland, CA

Oakland, California July 22, 2002 Today, SUSE Linux, the international Open Source technology leader and solutions provider, announced the availability of the third generation of the SUSE Linux eMail Server with expanded system functionalities to be released at the end of June. SUSEs easy-to-install comprehensive e-mail solution assisting in managing appointments, tasks, and resources, serves specifically small and medium-scale enterprises as well as workgroups and public administrations.

SUSE Linux eMail Server 3.1 offers the following new features for professional users:

  • Appointment synchronizing with Microsoft Outlook
    One of the new features is the option to synchronize appointment data from Microsoft Outlook 98/2000/XP with eMail Server 3.1. Outlook users can now pool appointments in the SUSE Linux eMail Server and exchange the data with colleagues.
  • Expanded user data administration The processable user data has been expanded to include address data. The Access Control Information (ACI) minimizes the probability of errors, by letting the administrators globally or individually determine user privileges and limit modifiable data.
  • Web-based utilization monitoring With the help of the web-based front end, administrators can retrieve information regarding the clients connected to the system. This is useful for checking the system load per session.

SUSE Linux eMail Server 3.1 will be available from SUSE Linux Business Partners starting at the end of June. The recommended retail price for one server is EUR 990.00 + VAT, including extensive documentation, 30 days of product support, and 12 months of SUSE Linux system maintenance. Maintenance for each additional server or for an additional period of 12 months is available at EUR 841.50 + VAT. Users of SUSE Linux eMail Server 3 can access the improvements at the password-protected Internet area (SUSE Linux Maintenance Web) within the scope of the system maintenance.

About SUSE Linux eMail Server

SUSE Linux eMail Server offers enterprise customers an all-around solution for professional communication with integrated group functionality, based on state-of-the-art Linux technology. In compliance with the IMAP standard (IMAP = Internet Message Access Protocol), SUSE Linux eMail Server administers and stores data on a central server. Users get optimum access to their e-mail, appointments, tasks, and resources either through the Internet or company network, regardless of their location, the devices, and e-mail clients they currently use. Accordingly, SUSE Linux eMail Server is the ideal solution for electronic communication and mobile computing. SUSE Linux eMail Server supports all common e-mail clients, including Microsoft Outlook, Netscape Messenger, and Eudora. Alternatively, users can also access their data using a web browser.

System administrators also enjoy features and the performance of SUSE Linux eMail Server: The central data storage allows for easy and comprehensive backup of all e-mail correspondence data. Graphical interfaces facilitate the configuration as well as the ongoing maintenance of the e-mail service, even through remote access, if necessary. The web-based user interface of the e-mail server, saves system administrators the time-consuming task of setting up user-specific adaptations. With SUSE Linux eMail Server; even inexperienced users need minimal assistance performing tasks such as creating folders, subscribing to mailing lists, or changing passwords.

SUSE Linux eMail Server is built on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 7 for IA32 as (an?) operating system basis. The system maintenance included in the purchase price ensures the product to remain up to date, secure, and stable. For this purpose, SUSE regularly e-mails users regarding improvements and promptly offers the respective patches and updates for download from the SUSE Linux maintenance website.


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