64-Bit ARM Gets a Boost on openSUSE Build Service from Applied Micro

March 25, 2016


The openSUSE Build Service (OBS) now has additional build power for 64-bit ARM thanks to a donation of servers from Applied Micro. The openSUSE Build Service is a one-stop location for building software projects for multiple operating systems running on multiple platforms. For example, a single package could be built for openSUSE Leap 42.1, Centos 7.x and SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 Service Pack 1 for x86-64, ARM64, Power and z Systems platforms. It would be extremely difficult to manage these various build definitions without the unifying tool of openSUSE Build Service.

"This donation is significant because it gives the community improved access to a common build platform that includes 64-bit ARM technology, which they likely do not have in house," said David Byte, senior technology strategist for SUSE®. "This additional hardware is important as the demand for 64-bit ARM-based solutions is starting to grow and the community is responding. We believe this is just a first step in growing the existing build power for this exciting and rapidly evolving ecosystem."

Adrian Schröter, openSUSE Build Service project manager, said, "It's great to have another architecture with native build support, thanks to this donation. This will significantly decrease development cycles, eliminating the ARM emulation support previously needed within OBS."

Information about SUSE's ARM partner program and support for 64-bit ARM server processors can be found at suse.com/partners/arm.html.

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