Come on data. Bring it on.

Can your current storage infrastructure keep up with the massive increase of data? You need intelligent software-defined storage solutions that help you to transform your storage infrastructure to manage growth and complexity ensuring your applications have access to the storage they need, when and where they need it. Open source solutions that help you reduce costs by leveraging commodity hardware no matter where they are, in your data center or in the cloud. And with the ability to seamlessly adapt to changing business and data demands automatically and without disruption. SUSE Storage Solutions deliver all this while being flexible enough to work with your existing storage, ultimately helping you manage your data explosion.

Our enterprise ready storage solutions are backed by SUSE Support and complemented with a comprehensive set of global services offerings, that map to every phase of your project journey. From discovery and design through to implementation and optimization, SUSE Global Services is your trusted partner for SUSE Storage Solutions.

The Data Cupcake Conveyor – Can You Handle the Data Explosion?


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Ingyen szoftver és tudás a válsághelyzet könnyítésére

Őszig bárki térítésmentesen igénybe vehet egyes SUSE-szoftvereket és a hozzájuk kapcsolódó…

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A szoftveresen vezérelt tárolás átveszi az uralmat

A cégeknek egyre több adatot kell tárolniuk, ezért újabb megközelítést kell keresniük. A Gartner…

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Újra SUSE konferencia Budapesten

Szeptember 17-én tartjuk éves SUSE Expert Days konferenciánkat Budapesten. A részvétel ingyenes, de…

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