SUSE Cloud Connect

SUSE’s Cloud access Connect programme enables you to operate your subscribed SUSE product subscriptions, on certified public cloud providers with our world-class support.

Cloud Access with SUSE subscriptions

SUSE Cloud Connect

  • Our SUSE products can be used on any IT architecture, running both on-premises and in the cloud.
  • Our SUSE Cloud Connect programme enables you to take your SUSE product subscriptions from your on-premises environment to a certified public cloud provider with ease.
  • You can work directly with your dedicated SUSE sales representative, or you can contact us using the form on this page to deploy your SUSE products on the cloud.

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Benefits of SUSE Cloud Connect

  • Continuity
    Continuity of your existing IT systems when transitioning onto the cloud, ensuring seamless transformation for your programmes.

  • Transformation
    Enable transformation of your IT estate by expanding onto a Cloud platform with ease and adaptability.

  • Mobility
    Easily move your subscriptions and custom images to the cloud.

  • Frontline Access and Support
    While moving to the cloud, continue to access your existing account on the SUSE Customer Center, including the knowledge library and receive support directly from SUSE.

New to SUSE?

New customers can contact our Cloud Connect Team using the form on this page.


Already a SUSE customer?

Existing customers can access the Cloud Connect programme by contacting us in the customer portal.