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Security Vulnerabilities: FRAGATTACKS aka CVE-2020-24586 , CVE-2020-24587

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Security Researcher Mathy Vanhoef discovered various attacks against Wi-Fi (802.11) stacks and also against the Wi-Fi standard related to Wi-Fi fragments. This vulnerability is documented on the website and called FRAGATTACKS.

This set of vulnerabilities can allow local attackers in Wi-Fi range to inject traffic even in encrypted Wi-Fi networks, or get access to information of other users in the same Wi-Fi network.

If the system is not using Wi-Fi, it is not affected. These issues largely affect the Hardware / Firmware of Wi-Fi cards.

Two CVEs are also in the mac80211 stack of the Linux, and will be addressed by updates to the Linux Kernel. These issues have received CVE-2020-24586 and CVE-2020-24587. These and others CVEs are fixed in the various Wi-Fi firmware, which we will be releasing once they become available from the Wi-Fi card vendors support by Linux, via "kernel-firmware" updates.


Install updates once they become available.


The following CVEs will be addressed by either Linux kernel or Wi-Fi firmware updates:
  • CVE-2020-24586 - Fragmentation cache not cleared on reconnection
  • CVE-2020-24587 - Reassembling fragments encrypted under different keys
  • CVE-2020-24588 - Accepting non-SPP A-MSDU frames, which leads to payload being parsed as an L2 frame under an A-MSDU bit toggling attack
  • CVE-2020-26139 - Forwarding EAPOL from unauthenticated sender
  • CVE-2020-26140 - Accepting plaintext data frames in protected networks
  • CVE-2020-26141 - Not verifying TKIP MIC of fragmented frames
  • CVE-2020-26142 - Processing fragmented frames as full frames
  • CVE-2020-26143 - Accepting fragmented plaintext frames in protected networks
  • CVE-2020-26144 - Always accepting unencrypted A-MSDU frames that start with RFC1042 header with EAPOL ethertype
  • CVE-2020-26145 - Accepting plaintext broadcast fragments as full frames
  • CVE-2020-26146 - Reassembling encrypted fragments with non-consecutive packet numbers
  • CVE-2020-26147 - Reassembling mixed encrypted/plaintext fragments


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  • Creation Date: 12-May-2021
  • Modified Date:12-May-2021
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