SUSE Manager 3.1 Simplifies DevOps and Container Management in a Software-Defined Infrastructure

July 20, 2017

Optimizes enterprise DevOps and IT operations with a single tool to manage software templates and compliance in hybrid cloud and container infrastructures


SUSE® today unveiled SUSE Manager 3.1, the latest release of the open source infrastructure management solution for enterprises that improves DevOps efficiency and makes it easier for companies to adopt and manage containers. A critical management component of SUSE’s software-defined infrastructure solutions that are transforming IT for the digital economy, SUSE Manager’s complexity-reducing enhancements make companies more efficient and agile so they can quickly respond to customer demands.

SUSE Manager 3.1 improves DevOps efficiency with enhanced management of software templates and compliance in hybrid cloud and container infrastructures. Companies can more easily adopt and manage containers in their infrastructures using the same tool they use today for infrastructure systems and virtual machine management.

“As IT organizations transform to support digital business, they need to be lighter on their feet to quickly adjust to market and technology changes,” said Gerald Pfeifer, vice president of Products and Technology Programs at SUSE. “SUSE Manager lets them be more agile and optimize operations by providing a single infrastructure management tool designed to help enterprise DevOps and IT operations manage complexity while improving visibility and control of IT assets.”

As a key component of a software-defined infrastructure, SUSE Manager 3.1 provides three important benefits:

  • Improved DevOps efficiency and optimized operations with a single tool to set up and manage container infrastructure. IT can quickly build and deliver container images based on their SUSE Manager repositories in addition to automating and managing container images across development, test and production environments supporting the DevOps continuous integration/continuous deployment model.
  • Ensured container and cloud virtual machine compliance to hardened profiles/templates across DevOps environments based on customers’ own internal security policies. Customers can make sure workloads deployed for development, test and production in hybrid cloud and container infrastructures adhere to internal security and compliance standards.
  • Reduced complexity and reclaimed control of IT assets with improved visibility of systems and infrastructure deployments. Improved graphical visualization of IT systems and their relationships provides better understanding of infrastructure dependencies and system health.

“SUSE Manager’s new container management and compliance capabilities will enable customers to automate orchestration and provisioning of their container-based services while ensuring container compliance from the same tool they are already using to manage their Linux infrastructure,” said Mary Johnston Turner, research vice president for Enterprise System Management Software at IDC. “The additional visualization and user-interface features provide improved visibility and ease-of-use allowing operations to quickly understand infrastructure dependencies and identify and resolve issues. SUSE Manager 3.1 continues to extend its functionality to address the needs of today’s enterprise IT operations and DevOps teams who are developing, deploying and managing services across an ever-more-complex infrastructure.”

For more information about SUSE Manager 3.1, including pricing and availability, visit It is also now available on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.

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