SUSE Global Services provides flexible consulting delivery solutions and premium support options to maximize the value from your SUSE solution investments. Our technical experts assist in transforming and supporting your infrastructure by providing customized services to meet your business needs.

Navigate your digital transformation journey with offerings that help you:

  • Discover - open source solutions, align business and technical leadership, and outline a proposed solution to get you from where you are today, to where you want to be.

  • Design - to accelerate your implementation plans by providing the details specific to your environment and use cases, saving you time and effort while avoiding unnecessary pitfalls during the deployment phase of your project.

  • Deploy - successful implementations for your specific use cases and infrastructure and realize rapid ROI.

  • Optimize - your infrastructure with direct access to trusted SUSE technical and business professionals for proactive maintenance, support services and knowledge transfer.

SUSE Global Services delivers direct access to technical and product experts with whom you can build a trusted relationship. As trusted advisors, our services team helps your organization plan and implement new solutions, facilitating all aspects of your IT transformation. Because no two customers are the same, SUSE offers a variety of services providing exactly the right amount of assistance to fit the demands of each customer.

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SAM the IT Admin Learns the Magic of SUSE Premium Support Services

SAM’s business critical functions have been halted in their tracks! Could this be the end of SAM the IT Admin?


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수세, 업계 최초로 오픈 소스 컨테이너 보안 플랫폼 출시

뉴벡터(NeuVector) 코드베이스가 GitHub의 오픈 소스 커뮤니티에서 현재 사용 가능하다. 소유권이 있는 기술을 완전히 오픈 소스화하는 작업은 수세(SUSE)의 오픈 소스...

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The Brains Behind the Books – Tanja Roth

This article has been contributed by Tanja Roth, Project Manager at the SUSE Documentation Team.  It...

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Free Skills Assessments from SUSE Training

Did you know that there remains a shortage of qualified open source talent? In fact, the vast...