SUSE OpenStack Cloud is now end of sale. For more information, please see this blog.

Key Features

Widest choice of hypervisor, including KVM and VMware, along with bare metal provisioning via Ironic, makes it easier to modernize or transition existing workloads.
Broadest hardware certifications, lets you maximize the value of your existing IT infrastructure and investments.
Automated deployment of advanced high availability for critical cloud services helps you avoid the pain of unplanned downtime.
Flexible, template-based repeatable deployments that help enforce best practices.
Monitor, manage and optimize your OpenStack cloud environment with SUSE OpenStack Cloud Monitoring based on Monasca.
Simplified cloud operations through intuitive graphical interfaces.

Fast Track Your Software-Defined Infrastructure with SUSE Select Services

Fast Track Your Software-Defined Infrastructure with SUSE Select Services

SUSE Select Services is the perfect complement to SUSE OpenStack Cloud and SUSE Enterprise Storage by providing a tailored blend of consulting, maintenance, support and knowledge transfer to ensure rapid return on investment.

Tech Specs

Minimum Hardware Requirements

SUSE OpenStack Cloud is fully supported on any SUSE YES Certified server platform that is certified for the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server versions listed in the software requirements section of our documentation.

SUSE Openstack Compute or Swift Storage Nodes

x86-64 Server

4 GB RAM plus additional RAM for each virtual machine (16 GB recommended for production)

30 GB hard-disk space plus additional space for virtual machine local storage or distributed object storage

SUSE Openstack Cloud Control Nodes for Crowbar deployment

x86-64 Server

32 GB RAM minimum

4 GB of hard-disk space (30 GB recommended for 

Additional hard-disk storage is required for virtual machine images, volumes, and snapshots, which will be launched on the compute nodes.

SUSE Openstack Cloud Administration Server

x86-64 Server

8 GB RAM min (32 GB recommended)

At least 50 GB hard-disk

SUSE Openstack Cloud Lifecycle Manager Deployer Node

x86-64 Server

16 GB RAM min (32 GB or more recommended)

At least 600 GB hard-disk

8 CPUs

SUSE Openstack Cloud Control Nodes for CLM deployment

x86-64 Server

64 GB RAM min (128 GB or more recommended)

At least 3 x 1 TB hard-disk

12 CPUs

SUSE Openstack Cloud Compute Nodes

x86-64 Server

32 GB RAM min (64 GB or more recommended)

At least 2 x 600 GB hard-disk

12 CPUs

Discover our Support and Services Offerings

Transform your infrastructure with confidence by partnering with a company that will help you meet the demands of the digital economy.
Support for Nonstop IT
Access real people who are passionate and understand your IT, available 24x7x365
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Services that Lead to IT Transformation
Build trusted relationships to meet business needs with flexible services offerings.
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Training Resources for the Digital Economy
Gain expertise with access to training on open-source solutions.
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