SUSE Develops kGraft for Live Patching of Linux Kernel

January 30, 2014

Nuremberg, Germany

The problem solvers at SUSE have designed and developed a technology to deliver live, run-time patching of the Linux kernel, making it easier for IT staff to install critical security and other patches without system downtime. Called kGraft, the open source solution is currently in the functional prototype stage and is planned to be submitted upstream to the Linux kernel within the next two months.

Although there are a couple of technologies that currently provide live patching of Linux, neither are available in the upstream Linux kernel. According to Vojtech Pavlik of SUSE Labs, enterprise Linux users are eagerly awaiting an offering of this type which will enhance uptime in mission-critical environments.

For more information about kGraft, see Pavlik's blog post at, and watch for future developments there.

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