Recommended update for SUSE Manager Client Tools

SUSE Recommended Update: Recommended update for SUSE Manager Client Tools
Announcement ID: SUSE-RU-2019:2919-1
Rating: moderate
References: #1136667 #1138358 #1138454 #1143016 #1143562 #1143789 #1144300 #1145769 #1146419 #1146869 #1149353 #1149633 #1150216 #1150320 #1151467 #1152290 #1153277 #1154275
Affected Products:
  • SUSE Manager Tools 12

An update that has 18 recommended fixes can now be installed.


This update fixes the following issues:

  • Spec file change: * alter permissions of /etc/grafana and /var/lib/grafana to 755 * alter owner of /etc/grafana/provisioning/dashboards tree to root:root * this allows installing dashboards via rpms without these rpms depending on this rpm
  • Update to version 6.2.5: * release 6.2.5 * Panel: Fully escape html in drilldown links (was only sanitized before) (#17731) * Grafana-CLI: Wrapper for `grafana-cli` within RPM/DEB packages and config/homepath are now global flags (#17695) * config: fix connstr for remote_cache (#17675) * TablePanel: fix annotations display (#17646) * middleware: fix Strict-Transport-Security header (#17644) * Elasticsearch: Fix empty query request to send properly (#17488) * release 6.2.4 * grafana-cli: Fix receiving flags via command line (#17617) * HTTPServer: Fix X-XSS-Protection header formatting (#17620) * release 6.2.3 * cli: grafana-cli should receive flags from the command line (#17606) * AuthProxy: Optimistic lock pattern for remote cache Set (#17485) * OAuth: Fix for wrong user token updated on OAuth refresh in DS proxy (#17541) * middleware: add security related HTTP(S) response headers (#17522) * remote_cache: Fix redis (#17483) * auth_proxy: non-negative cache TTL (#17495)
  • Update to version 6.2.2: * Security Fix: Prevent csv formula injection attack * PluginConfig: Fixed plugin config page navigation when using subpath * Explore: Update time range before running queries * Perf: Fix slow dashboards ACL query * Database: Initialize xorm with an empty schema for postgres * CloudWatch: Avoid exception while accessing results

  • Update to version 0.1.1565185696.3b89b73
  • Fix incompatibility of dig with SLE12SP3 version (bsc#1136667)

  • Obsolete all old python2-rhncfg* packages to avoid conflicts (bsc#1152290)
  • Fix data type issue to correctly decode if needed (bsc#1150320)
  • Require mgr-daemon (new name of spacewalksd) so we systems with spacewalksd get always the new package installed (bsc#1149353)

  • Adjust current name of the package to mgr-daemon and not spacewalksd (bsc#1149353)
  • Enable spacewalk-update-service on package installation (bsc#1143789, bsc#1150216)

  • Obsolete all old python2-osa* packages to avoid conflicts (bsc#1152290)

  • Require mgr-daemon (new name of spacewalksd) so we systems with spacewalksd get always the new package installed (bsc#1149353)

  • Java api expects content as encoded string instead of encode bytes like before (bsc#1153277)
  • Fix building and installing on CentOS8/RES8/RHEL8
  • Check that a channel doesn't have clones before deleting it (bsc#1138454)

  • Fix re-registration with re-activation key (bsc#1154275)
  • Change the default value of taskomatic maxmemory to 4GB
  • Add basic support for importing modular repositories
  • Import additional fields for Deb packages
  • Add script to update additional fields in the DB for existing Deb packages
  • Use active values for diskchecker mails
  • Parse restart_suggested flag from patches and set it as keywords (bsc#1151467)
  • Improve error message when deleting channel that's in a content lifecycle project (bsc#1145769)
  • Prevent "reposync" crash when handling metadata on RPM repos (bsc#1138358)
  • Do not show expected WARNING messages from "c_rehash"
  • Fix misspelling in spacewalk-repo-sync (bsc#1149633)
  • Remove credentials also from potential rhn.conf backup files in spacewalk-debug (bsc#1146419)
  • Do not crash 'rhn-satellite-exporter' with ModuleNotFound error (bsc#1146869)
  • Spacewalk-remove-channel check that channel doesn't have cloned channels before deleting it (bsc#1138454)
  • Fix broken spacewalk-data-fsck utility
  • Add '--latest' support for reposync on DEB based repositories
  • Do not try to download RPMs from the unresolved mirrorlist URL
  • Fix encoding issues with DB bytes values (bsc#1144300)
  • Fix import of rhnAuthPAM to avoid issues when using rhnpush.
  • Avoid traceback on mgr-inter-sync when there are problems with cache of packages (bsc#1143016)

  • Require mgr-daemon (new name of spacewalksd) so we systems with spacewalksd get always the new package installed (bsc#1149353)
  • Enable spacewalk-update-service on package installation (bsc#1143789)
  • Invalidate cache 5 minutes before actual expiration(bsc#1143562)

Patch Instructions:

To install this SUSE Recommended Update use the SUSE recommended installation methods like YaST online_update or "zypper patch".
Alternatively you can run the command listed for your product:

  • SUSE Manager Tools 12:
    zypper in -t patch SUSE-SLE-Manager-Tools-12-2019-2919=1

Package List:

  • SUSE Manager Tools 12 (aarch64 ppc64le s390x x86_64):
    • grafana-6.2.5-1.6.1
    • grafana-debuginfo-6.2.5-1.6.1
  • SUSE Manager Tools 12 (noarch):
    • kiwi-desc-saltboot-0.1.1565185696.3b89b73-1.15.1
    • mgr-cfg-4.0.10-1.9.1
    • mgr-cfg-actions-4.0.10-1.9.1
    • mgr-cfg-client-4.0.10-1.9.1
    • mgr-cfg-management-4.0.10-1.9.1
    • mgr-daemon-4.0.8-1.11.1
    • mgr-osad-4.0.10-1.9.1
    • mgr-virtualization-host-4.0.9-1.11.1
    • python2-mgr-cfg-4.0.10-1.9.1
    • python2-mgr-cfg-actions-4.0.10-1.9.1
    • python2-mgr-cfg-client-4.0.10-1.9.1
    • python2-mgr-cfg-management-4.0.10-1.9.1
    • python2-mgr-osa-common-4.0.10-1.9.1
    • python2-mgr-osad-4.0.10-1.9.1
    • python2-mgr-virtualization-common-4.0.9-1.11.1
    • python2-mgr-virtualization-host-4.0.9-1.11.1
    • python2-spacewalk-check-4.0.10-52.20.1
    • python2-spacewalk-client-setup-4.0.10-52.20.1
    • python2-spacewalk-client-tools-4.0.10-52.20.1
    • spacecmd-4.0.16-38.52.1
    • spacewalk-backend-libs-4.0.27-55.44.1
    • spacewalk-check-4.0.10-52.20.1
    • spacewalk-client-setup-4.0.10-52.20.1
    • spacewalk-client-tools-4.0.10-52.20.1