SUSE Enhances Its High Availability Capabilities for SAP HANA

April 15, 2015

Nuremberg, Germany

SUSE® has improved high availability capabilities for deployments of the SAP HANA platform via SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP® Applications, the recommended and supported operating system for use with SAP HANA. The new version of the resource agents enhance the high availability component of SUSE Linux Enterprise for SAP Applications, with two additional scenarios for customers to automate their system replication of SAP HANA. In addition to the original performance-based scenario, SUSE now supports cost-based and multi-tier SAP HANA system replication.

"Since introducing HA capabilities for deployments of SAP HANA last year, SUSE has continued to expand and improve this functionality for enterprise customers," said Naji Almahmoud, head of global business development for SUSE. "SUSE is the first to bring its open source high availability capabilities to SAP HANA, which can help customers save money as they create highly available SAP HANA-based solutions using their existing SUSE infrastructure. SAP systems running critical workloads have to meet the highest standards for availability, and SUSE is committed to enhancing the availability of SAP services."

Cost-optimized SAP HANA system replication via SUSE Linux Enterprise involves a secondary server running a non-critical system. If the primary server fails, the secondary server automatically ends non-critical operations and takes over primary operations, connecting all clients to the secondary server. Multi-tier capabilities support automated, asynchronous system replication between the primary data center and geographically remote data centers, tying in a third system server to provide additional redundancy.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications includes components of SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension, the most complete open source clustering solution. Proven in data centers around the world, SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension helps enterprises protect mission-critical workloads running on x86 servers.

Subscriptions to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications now include these additional high availability capabilities at no additional charge. For more information on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications, visit

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