Power AI and Analytics

Power your business growth with a platform and the tools for supporting Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Advanced Analytic

Data is growing faster than ever. How should you harness it for insights that generate value and deliver real-time customer services? High performance computing (HPC) from SUSE empowers you to extract critical insights from big data for advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI).

SUSE Power AI and Analytics

Generate insights that matter with SUSE

The success of your business is increasingly determined by your ability to execute data-intensive workloads including AI, machine learning (ML) and analytics. Our solutions empower you to generate value from a fast-growing stream of data while keeping your HPC environment flexible, responsive and cost-effective.

SUSE Linux Enterprise High Performance Computing helps your business gain valuable insights and supports the analytics applications of tomorrow. Our highly scalable, high performance open source operating system can simplify your workload, crunch massive data at high speed, and solve complex problems faster than ever.

High Performance Computing without limits

Choose Simplicity

Creating an optimal platform to run and manage high-performance workloads can be challenging. Evolving hybrid cloud architectures, rapid innovation in containerized solutions, and the need to integrate with many diverse enterprise systems can quickly add complexity.

SUSE is committed to simplicity by delivering a holistic approach that spans services, infrastructure and support. We bring you the 'power of many' – the benefits of many solutions and partners collaborating in an open ecosystem – so you can focus on business objectives knowing SUSE will deliver innovation for every phase of your journey.

Control Your Costs

Applying HPC to analyze your fast-growing volume of data can generate outsized costs, especially if you have to transfer large data streams between on-premises and cloud services.

To help you reach the greatest business impact at the lowest cost, SUSE supports a full range of hardware from cost-effective enterprise systems to large-scale supercomputers. Even more importantly, our partners provide a cohesive and comprehensive set of supported tools so your AI, ML and analytics initiatives deliver maximum value.


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Learn how SUSE can help you reach new heights with HPC for AI, ML and analytics.

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Transform your approach


We deliver the tools, partners, and ecosystem to streamline your approach and optimize AI/ML initiatives using parallel computing and HPC


We offer full support for next-generation hardware and applications, including graphics processing units (GPUs) and AI/ML spanning from edge to core to cloud


We enable AI/ML frameworks for developing and deploying high-performance and time-sensitive workloads that matter most to your business success

    Customer Success Stories

    ZAMG integrates 22 million data points per day to provide accurate weather forecasts 24/7

    • AI and analytics delivers deeper insights
    • Integrates satellite data into models for greater accuracy
    • Relies on 10,000 environmental sensors across Vienna

    Tokyo Institute of Technology creates the highest performing cluster-type supercomputer in Japan

    • Supports peak performance of 5.7 petaflops (PFlops)
    • Connects to both consumer IT equipment and high-end environments
    • Achieves superior supercomputer reliability despite hybrid computing architecture

    Leibniz Supercomputing Centre creates one of the most powerful supercomputers for science and industrial research

    • Peak performance of 26.9 petaflops (PFlops)
    • Energy cost savings of 35% through greater efficiency
    • Advances scientific research at a global level as part of Germany's foremost supercomputing organization

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SUSE Linux Enterprise High Performance Computing

The modern and modular OS that makes it easy to deploy and transition business-critical workloads across on-premise and public cloud environments.

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A truly open and unified intelligent software-defined storage solution with increased speed of delivery, durability and reliability.

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