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  • Run up to 36 terabytes for one single database system
  • Decreased unexpected downtime and to reduce planned maintenance to a minimum


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Enterprises that deploy SAP solutions are increasingly keen to take advantage of the flexibility of multi-cloud landscapes. At the same time, they need to ensure absolute reliability and availability.

To meet these needs, T-Systems—one of the largest SAP hosting providers worldwide—is continuing to build on its long partnership with SUSE to support innovative hosted and managed SAP environments for customers.

Visão geral

T-Systems is one of the largest SAP hosting providers worldwide, employing more than 4,000 experts to support 7 million users and more than 800 terabytes of SAP HANA databases.


O desafio

Recognizing a shift in the way its customers are deploying their SAP landscapes, T-Systems is working with SUSE to ensure high-quality services based on a zero-outage methodology for any combination of private and public cloud resources. As it ramps up these multi-cloud landscapes, T-Systems is also providing greater agility, flexibility and performance to customers.

Elena Ordonez Del Campo, Head of Portfolio Unit SAP for T-Systems comments,  “We highly appreciate the long-term partnership we have with SUSE, because they allow us to deliver, in-time, in-quality service, seamlessly integrated to our customers.”

Solução SUSE

SUSE provides a dedicated account team to support the T-Systems SAP landscapes, helping to ensure zero unexpected downtime and to reduce planned maintenance to a minimum.

Os resultados

Lars Micheel, Head of Solution Delivery SAP Unit for T-Systems says, “We run based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server the largest HANA systems globally, up to 36 terabytes for one single database system, with the same reliability as traditional databases. This is really something that makes us proud, and where we pass on the reliability to our customers and their businesses so that they can support round-the-clock operations.”

In a future where customers will increasingly demand agility and speed, the combination of T-Systems and SUSE is set to deliver further benefits. Lars Micheel says, “We give our customers a cloud foundation where they can deploy their applications according to their needs, closely connected to the SAP systems we are running for themthere’s no latency and high reliability. For T-Systems, SUSE is our kind of open.”