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Managecore hosts SAP applications in Google Cloud Platform with stunning results


  • Facilitates cloud-based delivery of complex SAP HANA solutions
  • Reinforces customer SAP HANA environments for added reliability and security
  • Delivers cloud agility plus assurance of tight integration between OS and SAP software


Headquartered in Wisconsin, Managecore, LLC. is a fast-growing technical managed services and cloud hosting company that specializes in the provision of agile SAP solutions. With a focus on maintaining its 100-percent customer satisfaction ratings and helping customers maximize the ROI from their SAP investments, Managecore seeks to provide best-in-class solutions with the backing of leading global technology partners such as SUSE.


As businesses look to take advantage of the real-time capabilities of the latest SAP HANA technologies, publiccloud infrastructure offers impressive low costs—but can seem a risky option. Managecore is bringing it into the mainstream, building robust SAP landscapes on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications on Google Cloud Platform that are secure, reliable and offer improved performance. Backed by Managecore’s experienced SAP team and expert support from SUSE, the public-cloud option can deliver an unprecedented combination of resilience, flexibility and low costs.

O desafio

Recent years have seen rapid growth in the migration of applications to the public cloud—even applications that are mission-critical. Businesses attracted by the potential to reduce TCO are also encouraged by the maturing security of publiccloud platforms, and by the emergence of solution partners that offer robust managed services on top of them.

For Managecore, the opportunity to become the first mid-market SAP consultancy to support SAP software on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) was too good to miss. Nick Miletich, Director of Technology at Managecore, LLC., explains: “SAP itself is strongly promoting cloud adoption, while encouraging customers to rebuild around the SAP HANA data platform. To meet market demand for cloud-hosted SAP HANA environments, without the cost and risk of building out our own large data centers, we decided that Google’s global footprint and innovative outlook made them the ideal partner.”

“At Managecore we combine leading-edge Google Cloud infrastructure with the SUSE Linux Enterprise platform to create responsive, reliable and flexible SAP HANA landscapes that deliver better value over time.”

Solução SUSE

To preserve its 100-percent customer satisfaction rating as it ramped up its hosted SAP HANA offerings, Managecore wanted to find a robust, secure and flexible cloud platform. After reviewing the supported operating systems, Managecore chose to base its GCP environments on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications.

“It is critical that we provide SAP on an OS platform that is stable, reliable, and secure,” says Nick Miletich. “SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications is built for rapid deployment of SAP systems to certified standards. In our opinion, it provides the best performance, availability and flexibility for our hosted SAP customers.”

Managecore uses Google technology such as Migrate for Compute Engine (formerly Velostrata) to accelerate and de-risk the migration of customers’ SAP systems to GCP. This migration tool empowers the Managecore team to seamlessly transfer both the SUSE OS and the related software subscription directly into GCP—making it a very easy transition for existing customers. Equally, Managecore can use the tool to subscribe new customers on a pay-as-you-go basis through Google. Whichever route they choose, SUSE provides enterprise-class support for the OS and its built-in high-availability component for SAP systems.

“SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications includes a clustering solution within a single subscription, making it easier to manage and more cost-effective for SAP customers,” says Nick Miletich. “Combined with the high resilience and fault-tolerance of Google Cloud Platform, this helps us offer exceptional uptime for hosted SAP systems.”

To help customers manage their cloudbased SAP instances, Managecore provides a 24/7/365 client portal—Managecore Watchdog—that delivers real-time SLAs and detailed reporting as part of a commitment to transparency and open communication with customers.

Os resultados

With SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications on Google Cloud Platform, Managecore can offer its customers an innovative, robust, high-performance platform for their mission-critical SAP HANA environments. The platform also offers low total cost of ownership, enabling businesses to cut time-to-value. “Key factors in selecting SUSE Linux Enterprise as our strategic OS on Google Cloud Platform were the ease of management and faster deployment, translating into shorter time-to-value for our customers,” says Nick Miletich.

For FFF Enterprises, a US-based pharmaceutical distributor, migrating to Google Cloud Platform with the assistance of Managecore has been a game-changer. With multiple SAP S/4HANA apps now running on the cloud, the company has improved performance by 80 percent while reducing its costs, and has significantly improved availability.

“We are highly focused on enabling SAP customers on their digital transformation journey, ultimately helping them adopt the latest SAP S/4HANA applications,” says Nick Miletich. “We combine leading-edge Google Cloud infrastructure with the SUSE Linux Enterprise platform to create responsive, reliable and flexible SAP HANA landscapes that deliver better value over time.”

For customers seeking to move their SAP systems to SUSE Linux Enterprise Service on GCP, Managecore offers a service to show the likely benefits. Built on the Google-powered Cloud Simulator, this highly automated service helps companies visualize their future cloud environment, compare costs, and determine the right size for their future virtual machines—for savings of up to 50 percent. For your cloud analysis, please register at: