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January 25th, 2023

Deploy s3gw in Digital Ocean

Introduction  In this tutorial, we will walk through the setup of a single-node K3s Kubernetes…

January 25th, 2023

What’s New in Rancher’s Security Release Only Versions

The Rancher Security team are happy to announce the availability of new Rancher versions 2.7.1,

January 18th, 2023

Challenges and Solutions with Cloud Native Persistent Storage

Persistent storage is essential for any account-driven website. However, in Kubernetes, most…

September 28th, 2022

SSYS: parceria baseada em especialização

Empresa, que já era parceira oficial de treinamentos SUSE, vem atuando desde 2021 também como…

March 22nd, 2022

A SUSE Brasil recebe o selo oficial de “Great Place to Work” (novamente)!

É com imenso prazer que venho compartilhar que, mais uma vez, a SUSE Brasil recebeu o selo oficial…

February 15th, 2022

Solução SUSE Rancher agiliza operações no Supremo Tribunal Federal brasileiro

“A solução SUSE Rancher é excepcional. Ela nos ajuda a manter a disponibilidade e escalabilidade…

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The OCTOPod podcast

The OCTOpod podcast

The OCTOpod: Conversations with SUSE’s Office of the CTO

Host Alan Clark sits down with leaders and experts in the tech community in the OCTOpod: Conversations with SUSE's Office of the CTO (that's OCTO). Alan has spent his career in enterprise software with a focus on open source advocacy and emerging tech. He’s contributed in many ways – from code to chairs, from networking to cloud. He has served on the Open Infrastructure Foundation, the Linux Foundation, openSUSE, Open Mainframe project, and many more. He’s met lots of great people along the way, and in Season One, he’ll sit down with a few of them to talk about the latest trends and challenges in open source. These include findings from a report on Why IT Leaders Choose Open, how to manage a community, the importance of diversity and inclusion in open source, and much more.

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