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SUSE and AWS have been collaborating for over 10 years now! SUSE Linux Enterprise Linux for SAP Applications is available to run SAP-certified, production-ready workloads on the Amazon Web Services Cloud with support for variety of Amazon EC2 instance types [x1 series, i3, Nitro (C5/M5), bare metal, and more], and high availability configurations, high memory workloads and large scale-out cluster environments. As part of our collaboration, SUSE helps deliver automated deployments and high availability for your SAP environment by streamlining the deployment process with functionality for automation and support for several AWS Quick Starts for SAP.

Each AWS Quick Start includes AWS CloudFormation templates that automate the provisioning, setup, deployment and configuration of a fully functional, production-ready SAP S/4HANA, SAP NetWeaver, or SAP HANA environment on AWS in about an hour. The Quick Start also includes a guide that discusses the architecture and provides detailed, step-by-step instructions following best practices from SAP and AWS.

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L.B. Foster Accelerates Cloud Migration with Protera Technologies for SAP S/4HANA on AWS

L.B. Foster wanted to build stronger customer relationships by sharing relevant information in a more timely manner. To gain this capability and support ongoing business growth, L.B. Foster worked with SUSE Partner, Protera Technologies and their FlexBridge and AppCare platform solutions to prototype and complete an ambitious automated migration to SAP S/4HANA on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications on the AWS Cloud.

This major transformation took just 16 weeks, saving significant time, cost and effort versus a traditional migration, and has given L.B. Foster a stable, flexible, high-performance platform for running mission-critical business processes.

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Learn more about Protera Technologies and how they helped L.B. Foster migrate to SAP S/4HANA ›

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Optimized for Availability
Build and Deploy

Globally Available, Rapidly Scalable

Implementing SAP HANA on the AWS cloud using SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications provides stable environments for innovation, whether it's for internal line-of-business or external users.

Building the next generation of SAP applications on top of a suite of infrastructure services such as AWS enable businesses to deploy new technology in a highly available, fault-tolerant, and economic way. Take advantage of the many capabilities of SAP HANA along with the flexibility and security of AWS on the recommended Linux for SAP.

Optimized for Availability

HA for SAP on Public Cloud

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications on AWS enables companies looking to simplify the management of high availability (HA) for the often complex SAP landscape.

Detecting and responding to single-component failures within an SAP or SAP HANA environment and the underlying infrastructure is often a key requirement. The HA Extension (HAE) built into SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications is able to detect failures, change the network topology, and make sure that another AWS instance hosting a secondary SAP HANA database is brought online. SUSE and AWS jointly engineered the solution to leverage the AWS platform and infrastructure to ensure HA clusters that are resilient and high-performing.