SUSE Invites Customers to 'Bring Your Own Subscription' to the Public Cloud

November 18, 2014

SUSE also expanding partner services and support in SUSE Cloud Service Provider program

Orlando, Fla. (SUSECon 2014)

SUSE® today introduced a "bring-your-own-subscription" option for existing customers who want to use their SUSE subscriptions in the public cloud. In addition, SUSE is expanding services and support for partners participating in the SUSE Cloud Service Provider program.

Through a simple online enrollment, SUSE customers can now transfer existing SUSE subscriptions to a SUSE Certified Cloud Provider to deploy new workloads or migrate existing workloads from the data center to the public cloud. There is no additional cost from SUSE, and customers can take advantage of their existing SUSE support relationship.

"Portable subscriptions provide our customers with the flexibility to run on-premise or in the cloud, while maintaining enterprise support for their mission-critical workloads," said Naji Almahmoud, global head of business development for SUSE. "Customers who take advantage of the bring-your-own-subscription capability at SUSE Certified Cloud Providers can protect their investment and leverage their existing SUSE support relationship, ensuring they receive the same level of SUSE service across their entire IT infrastructure—data center, private cloud and public cloud."

The most interoperable platform for mission-critical computing across physical, virtual and cloud environments, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server enables enterprises to rapidly deploy workloads with confidence and manage the complete lifecycle of workloads in the cloud as they do in the data center. Customers who take their SUSE subscriptions to a SUSE Certified Cloud Provider ensure access to a supported cloud environment backed by SUSE global support services.

"The ability to deploy our products and services in the public cloud without incurring additional subscription costs increases our flexibility and lets us serve our own customers more efficiently and effectively," said Al Hepworth, CTO of IMD. "Our long-term existing investments in leading technology and reactive enterprise support are protected, and we have more cost-effective options for harnessing the power of the cloud and delivering the best possible service to our clients."

Thomas Götz, product manager for DSI vCloud at T-Systems International, said, "T-Systems has partnered with SUSE to offer SUSE Linux Enterprise Server in DSI vCloud and allow businesses to trade capital expense for operational expense, quickly scale up or scale down, increase business agility and speed their development process. The bring-your-own-subscription offer makes it easy for companies that already have SUSE subscriptions to run workloads in DSI vCloud and take advantage of their existing support agreements while reaping the benefits of the hybrid cloud deployment."

SUSE Cloud Service Provider Program Enhancements
In addition to the bring-your-own-subscription offer for SUSE customers, enhancements to the SUSE Cloud Service Provider program include new service and support options and a new certification program for cloud service providers. The SUSE Cloud Service Provider program, in conjunction with the overall SUSE partner program operated by PartnerNet®, provides members direct access to free SUSE technical training, pre-sales support and certification programs, giving them the tools they need to successfully offer and operate SUSE products in their cloud infrastructure.

SUSE Cloud Service Providers can leverage newly available cloud operations and consulting services from SUSE to quickly become a SUSE Certified Cloud Provider. SUSE Start for Cloud Service Providers is a consulting services offering to assist partners with deploying a well-designed, expertly configured and tuned maintenance infrastructure for SUSE customers running on their public cloud. Successfully implementing this maintenance infrastructure reduces operating costs and makes it easier to support cloud users. SUSE Cloud Service Providers can then deliver a better customer experience by ensuring application performance and reducing workload security vulnerabilities. In addition, the SUSE Public Cloud Operation Services program enables SUSE Cloud Service Providers to leverage designated or shared SUSE engineers to set up, deploy and manage the lifecycle of SUSE products in their cloud infrastructure worldwide.

"SUSE is giving partners more and better opportunities to serve cloud customers and maintain lasting relationships," said Jerome Perez, deputy general manager of NEURONES-IT. "Certification, training, support and consulting services end up reducing costs and increasing effectiveness of cloud service provider partners."

Thierry Chaumeron, product manager for Cloud Services at Cloudwatt, said, "Enterprises are increasingly embracing hybrid clouds to enhance resource efficiency. Portable subscriptions are a critical next step to drive further adoption by simplifying the business and support model for hybrid cloud. With the availability of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on Cloudwatt, SUSE and Cloudwatt are making it easier for enterprises to implement hybrid cloud computing. In addition, SUSE and Cloudwatt are working together so Cloudwatt partners can easily leverage SUSE solutions as part of their hybrid cloud strategies."

More information about SUSE's bring-your-own-subscription public cloud offer can be found at For more on the SUSE Cloud Service Provider program, visit

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