SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching Now Available

January 28, 2015

Enterprise Linux customers can perform system patching without rebooting,reducing downtime and increasing service availability

Orlando, Fla. (SUSECon 2014)

SUSE® today announced the availability of SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching, allowing enterprise Linux customers to perform system patching without rebooting, saving the cost of downtime and increasing service availability. SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching, based on the kGraft project, provides a stream of packages to update a running kernel without interruption.

"In addition to increasing service availability by updating critical kernel patches without rebooting, and reducing the need for planned downtime by patching frequently, SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching preserves security and stability by applying up-to-date patches," said Matthias Eckermann, senior product manager for SUSE. "It's a fully open source solution that features zero-interruption interaction with the system and a familiar deployment method. It's ideal for mission-critical systems, in-memory databases, extended simulations or quick fixes in a large server farm."

Unlike some other Linux kernel live patching technologies, SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching doesn't require stopping the whole system while it performs the patching. And because it is a fully open source solution, it allows for easy code review of the patch sources. SUSE is engaging with the upstream community to help ensure a sustainable future for kernel live patching on Linux in general and SUSE Linux Enterprise specifically.

Live patching is another example of the advance of Linux on UNIX. Richard Fichera, vice president and principal analyst for infrastructure and operations at Forrester Research, wrote, "In effect, Linux has continued its maturation to the point where its feature set and scalability begin to look like a top-tier UNIX from only a couple of years ago."*

SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching is available for x86_64 servers via subscription, delivered on top of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12. Customers must have (or purchase) a corresponding SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 Priority Support subscription and Primary or Designated Support Engineer service from SUSE. For more information, visit

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*Taking Stock Of Linux-Maturation Continues, Forrester Research, Inc., Richard Fichera blog post, Sept. 14, 2014.

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