SCI Course Materials

Here's where SUSE Certified Instructors can download SCI course materials and associated VM files:

After accessing the link, you will first be prompted for your SUSE account login. If you have any problems with your SUSE account login please visit and select the ‘Need help signing in’ option. 

Once logged in, you will be prompted to choose an AWS role.  SCIs have been associated with one or more of the available roles based on your authorization to teach particular courses.

  • For example, all SCIs are authorized to teach core SLES courses and have therefore been associated with the AWS-TM-Training-SLES-Role, which will provide access to all of the files in the SLES directories under SCI Course Materials and VM Files.
  • The SLES role also provides access to the Supporting files, which includes the Base Image.
  • SCIs with additional teaching authorizations can select the related roles which will grant access to the relevant course folders in the directory structure.
  • All roles are able to navigate the entire directory structure, but in order to have permission to access the files you must be signed in with the associated role.

Tip: To download all of the files in a folder at once, use the Firefox Browser, select all of the files in that folder and then click the “Open button.”  This only works in Firefox at present.

Course feedback can be provided by SCIs using this form. Please note that this is for SCIs only, please do not provide students with access to the form.