SUSE Helps Customers Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

August 9, 2011

SUSE Customers Entitled to Complimentary Subscription for IBM zEnterprise System

Nuremberg, Germany

SUSE today announced a new offer that could save mainframe customers as much as $39,000 in subscription costs. SUSE is now providing customers running SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server for System z on IBM zEnterprise with complimentary subscriptions for IBM's new zEnterprise BladeCenter Extension (zBX).

Data center sprawl is a widespread concern for any business working in virtualized environments. Managing distributed systems, server proliferation and disparate, special-purpose architectures is complex and expensive. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server helps customers run their mission-critical infrastructure more efficiently and cost effectively by consolidating data centers, reducing network complexities and speeding transaction times with IBM zEnterprise.

Today's announcement arrives on the heels of the mainframe's positive worldwide traction, as reported by IBM in its second-quarter earnings results. Since IBM's z196 started shipping in the third quarter of 2010, IBM has added 68 new System z customers, with more than one third in growth markets.

IBM zEnterprise BladeCenter Extension (zBX) Entitlement Offering for SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server* applies to new and existing, active subscriptions of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z running on IBM's zEnterprise 196 or the newly announced zEnterprise 114. Customers using SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z on these zEnterprise systems will receive a free basic subscription for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on all IBM zBX hardware attached to their zEnterprise mainframe.

A Holistic Partnership - SUSE Linux Enterprise Server & IBM zEnterprise System
IBM zEnterprise System combines previously separate architectures into a "system of systems" configured, managed and operated holistically via the zEnterprise Unified Resource Manager (zManager). Complementing this unique hybrid approach, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server provides the most interoperable and ubiquitous operating system foundation for mission-critical computing.

"The new System z offers a flexible and smarter computing environment for clients to blend different architectures into a unified system that delivers on the hallmark benefits of an IBM mainframe, such as security and reliability," said Doris Conti, director of Marketing for System z at IBM. "This offer provides another example of how clients can now do more with less on System z. Ultimately, we're aiming to help clients boost capacity while extending the long-term economic value of their mainframe investments."

Since 2000, when SUSE Linux Enterprise Server became the first commercially-available enterprise Linux distribution for IBM System z mainframes, SUSE has delivered Linux-based mainframe solutions that customers across all industries can deploy to expand their critical applications and workloads. More than 80 percent of all System z Linux implementations run on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, establishing SUSE's market leadership in the mainframe space.

"The mainframe has been, and will continue to be, a core platform for enterprise computing," said Kerry Kim, director of Solution Marketing, SUSE. "We are pleased to offer our customers support for IBM zEnterprise System, providing the ideal Linux platform for workload consolidation and growth."

Add-on Priority Support for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server running on zBX
Customers entitled to the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for IBM zEnterprise System zBX subscription offer can also take advantage of new priority support offers for all instances of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on their zBX BladeCenter chassis. The support offers helps ensure customers have highly-secure and stable environments backed by SUSE, the industry's most affordable and comprehensive Linux support in the industry *Terms and conditions of the offer can be found at

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