Frequently Asked Questions

The Beta Program

What is the SUSE Beta Program?

SUSE provides a pre-release version of some SUSE products for the purposes of beta testing and qualification along with some dedicated communications channels (mailing lists) and feedback channels (Bugzilla). The SUSE Beta Program is made public to welcome and encourage participation by everyone. Help make the next releases of SUSE products our best yet and start to qualify for future releases before the final versions are released.

Who Can Participate?

To be enrolled in the SUSE Beta Program, all you need to have and use is a SUSE account on our website. Account creation and use are free of charge, and do not need to be related to a SUSE customer account. The privacy policy attached to this account is described on the following page. The SUSE account will allow you to access our collaboration and download channels for a specific SUSE Product Beta Program. You will also have to acknowledge our SUSE Code of Conduct.  

How Do I Get the Public Betas?

Please refer to the dedicated beta webpages of the SUSE products, which are accessible through this link.

How SUSE Will Contact Me

We will use the contact information of your SUSE Account. You can change your contact information at any time via the Edit Account page. The SUSE Beta Program will use your SUSE Account Email address to send Beta announcements and Beta related topics only. If you want more information about our privacy policies, please visit the Company Privacy.

How to Unsubscribe from SUSE Beta Program

If you want to leave the SUSE Beta Program, you need to send an email with the subject "unsubscribe" to You can specify in the body of the email which SUSE Product Beta Program you would like to be unsubscribed. However, by default no text is required and we will unsubscribe you completely from the entire SUSE Beta Program.


How to Retrieve SUSE Beta Products

Please refer to the List of Available SUSE Beta Products to check the current and available SUSE products in beta phase. This page will allow you to retrieve the dedicated web page for each SUSE product in beta phase. The dedicated web page will provide the necessary download links for your product.

How to Provide Feedback to SUSE

Discussions: Mailing Lists

We have a small number of mailing lists to discuss SUSE Beta products. They are used by the SUSE Release Team to announce new beta images and technical information around it, but also for general or technical questions, feedback or defect reports related to SUSE Beta products from our beta testers base. Putting it simply, our mailing lists are the main collaboration and communication channels between you and SUSE Engineering around SUSE Beta products. Only subscribers can post to and read our mailing lists. Please refer to the Mailing List Guidelines for more detailed information.

Defect Reports: Bugzilla

Bugzilla is the SUSE report management system and tool to keep track of defects (bugs) in its products. We have made a special setup of Bugzilla for reporting bugs in our Beta (pre-release) SUSE products by the Public Beta members. We also recommend reading our Bugzilla Guideline for the how to properly open a bug report.

Are SUSE Beta Products Supported for Production Workload?

No, it's not. Also note that migrating or updating from a beta version to an official released version in a production environment is not supported. For more information please refer to the SUSE® End User License Agreement for Beta Software.